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Mike Tyson claims he bribed a cop with brand new Bentley following row with wife outside Burger King over condoms

MIKE TYSON has sensationally revealed that he once bribed a police officer with a Bentley after fearing arrest alongside ex-wife Robin Givens.

Iron Mike, already a world heavyweight champion by this point in 1988, fancied a Burger King so took Givens along to his local chain restaurant.

Things were going swimmingly... until actress Givens found condoms in Tyson's pocket.

She then stormed out of the fast food joint, heading straight back to Tyson's Bentley.

And to Iron Mike's horror, he claims she rammed the car into the vehicle in front.

When a policeman then showed up, Tyson did what he felt he had to do.

Tyson, 54, told Complex News: "In one of the instances, it happened [was] because I was getting ready to get arrested. I offered [the car] to the cop; the cop took it."

And speaking on what is alleged to be an affair he was having at the time, he added: “So at this particular time, I’m married; I’m married to Robin [Givens]. So, I was hanging out the night before. I’m a young kid; I’m 21.

“This is me just living my life as a champ. I don’t know nothin’; I’m really stupid, but I think I know everything.

“I’m one of those guys [where] I don’t care that I’m a champ, I’m gonna go get a burger at Burger King. So I’m in line to get a [hamburger].

"So I believe [Robin Givens] goes in my pocket, and she pulls out f***ing condoms. Aw, man! Aw, f***! Aw, man! Right outside the [restaurant we go]; we don’t buy s***!

"She gets in the car; the car we’re driving is a Bentley—brand new, that year. I guess, because she’s angry with me or she doesn’t like the car, so she rams the car into the car in front of us.

“The guy’s f***ed up. The cops come. The cops come and they’re asking me questions and stuff. I kind of panic.

That was just me in my tantrum, ‘Take the f***ing car, alright?

Mike Tyson

"I’m like a Bourgeoisie [person] in my head; I’m thinking that this shouldn’t be happening to me, all this s***. I just go up to [an officer], I said, ‘Listen, sir. Just take the car.’

"That was just me in my tantrum, ‘Take the f***ing car, alright?'”

And as the officer supposedly showed an interest, Tyson knew he was off the hook.

He continued: "When he said ‘don’t tell me that', I knew I got him. He wants this car! I said, ‘Nah, you work hard; you put your life on the line. Take the f***in’ car!’

"Me and Robin got in a cab and we just took off and went to New York. I [still] got to hear the s*** though [about my condoms]. But that’s really what happened.”

The cop may have thought he had done well out of the exchange, but not quite as well as some over-enthusiastic autograph hunters.

Tyson recently revealed on his Hotboxin' podcast: "I was that guy, trippin’, hitting people because they’re f***ing with me too much for autographs.

"I f***ing knocked them out or would break their f***ing jaw.

"I started signing those cheques and that’s what broke my spirit.

"These guys were getting $4m [£3.1m], $8m [£6.2m], I don’t even know these guys - who are these guys?"

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