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Met Office weather warning MAPPED: Lightning to strike UK as humid spell blasts Britain

Met Office weather forecasters revealed lightning and thunder will batter the UK as the last fragments of a "humid spell" lingers over the country. Many regions have spent the last six days in +30C temperatures, and the mercury has consistently edged towards monthly records. But the heat has kicked up a haze of humidity, prompting widespread rain, hail and lightning.

Met Office weather warning map Lightning UK hot weather forecast latest

Met Office weather warning MAPPED: Lightning to strike UK as humid spell blasts Britain (Image: MET OFFICE)

According to the Met Office, "many places" will miss the worst of the weather, but storms will pour out inches of water where they take shape.

The Met Office said: "Areas of showers and thunderstorms, associated with the warm, humid air mass stranded across southern UK, are expected to continue through Friday.

"Many places will miss the worst of these, some staying completely dry; however where they do occur, heavy rain (20 to 30mm in an hour, and perhaps as much as 50 to 70mm in two to three hours) is possible, as well as lightning strikes."

The forecasted added the warning map has been amended to focus on the south of England on Friday, through the warning areas extend into the weekend

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