Meghan Markle has shared a rare insight into her sumptuous office at the Californian mansion she shares with her husband Prince Harry as she celebrated her 40th birthday.

The Duchess of Sussex, who has opted for a chic neutral palette and accessorised her space with a £1,240 Hermes throw, gave a sneak peek inside her study as she revealed plans to ask 40 friends to donate 40 minutes of their time to help mentor women going back into the workforce.

Taking a closer look at her desk, Meghan has a large white quartz crystal propped against a stack of her children's book, The Bench, on her huge oak desk, OK! reports.

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A modern MacBook Air was also spotted on the desk as well as an assortment of fine bone China.

The white quartz is regarded as the 'master healer' and absorbs, regulates and releases energy as well as creating a calm and stable environment.

Clear Quartz also helps with decision-making, concentration and amplifies positive thinking - the perfect addition to a home office.

It is not the only healing crystal that the royal couple have in their Montecito mansion, after eagle-eyed fans spotted a celestine stone on a shelf during a conference call earlier this year.

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The blue crystal is associated with divine power and is believed to increase understanding as well as promoting mindfulness in meditation and prayer.

It comes after Prince Harry has been open about using alternative therapy to boost his mental wellbeing since moving to the States.

While the 36-year-old Duke takes on 'tapping' methods and EMDR to tackle his PTSD diagnosis, his wife Meghan is already introducing their two-year-old son to self-healing.

Also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, Harry is likely to be using this to ease anxiety, emotional and physical pain by tapping on pressure points around his body.

She now lives in the US with husband Prince Harry (



It's believed that Meghan introduced Harry to tapping as a form of ancestral healing, which helps to release negative patterns imprinted on DNA from past generations.

EFT uses fingertip tapping to apply pressure to hot spots (where energy flows through), rebalancing the body's energy and sending signals to the brain to relieve the stress a traumatic experience might have caused.

A source close to the couple revealed she gives Archie, along with herself and their dogs (Pula and Guy), reiki therapy to help them all "feel balanced and relaxed".

Liz Underwood, a reiki practitioner, explained: "Reiki is a Japanese form of 'hands-on' therapy, using healing energy (found in and around us) to ease stress, promote relaxation and provide pain relief.

"It's completely safe and natural, balancing our life force energy called Ki. When our Ki is low, we're out of balance physically, mentally and emotionally - this leads to disease.

"To be a reiki practitioner like Meghan, you need to be open-minded and learn the different symbols (like power and harmony) used in healing sessions.

"I visualise these symbols imprinted into my hands and repeat their names to help that specific energy flow from myself to the client."