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McDonald’s, Popeyes, Chick-fil-A and Arby’s all serving up fish sandwiches and specials for Lent

AS the Lenten season kicks off on Ash Wednesday, restaurants are gearing up with fish sandwiches and other specials.

During the 40-day season leading up to Easter, Christians traditionally observe a time of fasting and prayer.

The season kicks off today, observed as Ash Wednesday in Christian churches, and is typically observed until Holy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter Sunday, according to Catholic Online.

It’s observed for 40 days as a reflection of the amount of time Jesus spent fasting and praying in the desert, according to The Bible.

Especially on Fridays during Lent, many Catholics abstain from eating meat.

As many Christians begin to observe the season, restaurants are gearing up with fish sandwiches and other specials that will be offered around the country.

Although Easter is on April 12 this year, meaning Lent will be observed for many until April 9, many of the specials last past the holiday.


Arby’s launched a fish sandwich this year, putting the fast-food chain head-to-head with McDonald’s, and started vying with the competitor on social media.

The restaurant is offering two fish sandwiches for $6. Arby’s is offering both a Crispy Fish Sandwich and a Fish ‘N Cheddar sandwich as a part of the two-for deal, and also will have a King’s Hawiian Fish Deluxe.


Select Chick-Fil-A locations will offer fish sandwiches during Lent.

Although known for their chicken, select Chick-Fil-A locations around the U.S. are offering a fish sandwich during lent.

Customers can order a breaded Pacific cod filets on a toasted, buttery bun with dill pickle chips, or a deluxe version of the sandwich with tomato, lettuce and American cheese.

Boxed two or three-count fish entrees and meals will also be available at participating locations until April 11.


Known for their seafood, Long John Silver’s is offering two for $6 mix-and-match on items including five piece shrimp, two crab cakes, two-piece wild-caught fried Alaska Pollock, and three-piece chicken tenders.
The company is also offering discounts to customers who bring in competitors’ coupons on Mondays during Lent, and offering Alaska Pollock Sandwich fish and fries for $1.99.


McDondald’s classic Filet-O-Fish will be available daily throughout Lent.

The sandwich has a fish filet patty, tartar sauce, and American cheese all on a bun.

McDonald’s is one of the first fast-food chains that became popular for the fish sandwich during Lent.


Also known for their chicken, Popeye’s is offering a boxed deal of buttermilk biscuit fried shrimp, a biscuit, and side.

Although the chain’s limited-time combo meals are usually $5, this seafood special is being served up for $6, Brand Eating reported.


The fast-food chain, famous for their snarky Twitter, is offering a Wild Caught North Pacific Cod sandwich.

Customers who use the app to order can snag a $2 coupon on a premium combo.

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