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Married at First Sight UK 2021 – Fans back Josh as he refuses to be pressured into telling Amy he loves her


MARRIED At First Sight fans think Josh is being pressured into telling Amy he loves her.

Monday's episode saw the couples go on their final dates, with hopes it would give them inspiration to keep their relationships alive.

But instead it lead to some really awkward encounters, and none more so than between Josh and Amy.

Josh admitted he was falling in love with Amy despite the fact they row all the time.

Some viewers thought Josh might be getting pressured into saying it, while others accused the couple of faking it for the cameras.

Either way, it's going to get very heated on Tuesday's show as Josh belittles Amy in front of the other MAFS stars at the series' final dinner party.

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    Both TV and online viewers were left perplexed after being greeted with an "off air" message and a blank screen.

    It follows a weekend of disruption for Channel 4 that saw it suffer major connection failure.

    The server connection issues hit thousands of viewers as firefighters rushed to the Broadcast Centre in White City shortly after 6.30pm to reports of a fire alarm going off in the building.

    Thousands of problems with Freeview, Channel 4 and Channel 5 were reported at the same time on Downdetector.

    Channel 4 confirmed two channels were temporarily off air in a tweet.

    In a statement, the brodacaster said: "Channel 4 and More 4 are currently off air due to a technical problem. We are working to restore them as quickly as possible."


    She just said her and Adam were expecting in a trailer for tomorrow's episode and we're not sure if she meant a baby.

    But some fans think they spotted a baby bump on her recent photos.

    Tayah, however, called out a troll who accused her of having a “baby bump” in a recent photo.

    The 25-year-old slammed a cruel social media user who criticised her figure.

    The estate agent shared a sweet photo alongside her ‘hubby’ Adam Aveling, 26, yesterday.

    She wrote: “It’s home stays tonight and I’m off to Doncaster!! Do you guys think I’ll like it!?🤷🏽‍♀️ #mafsuk.”

    However, someone commented that the tighter fitting dress made it look like she had a “baby bump”.

    She replied: “It’s called being a female and having a natural slight bump on your stomach WHICH IS NORMAL.

    “This is such a damaging comment, I’m a thin person as well so you really need to check yourself before you comment such damaging things to young women.”


    The final dinner party is coming up tomorrow night and it looks like it will be a firecracker!

    Amy says she's 'f***ed off' (again), after Josh tells the table 'it's always about Amy'.

    Frank and Marilyse surprisingly share a sweet kiss, while Morag shakes with emotions over questions in the honesty box.

    But maybe the biggest bombshell in the teaser trailer was Tayah saying her and Adam were 'expecting'.

    Is Tayah pregnant? We investigate (next post).


    What is Tayah expecting? The episode ended on a major cliffhanger and we're dying to know what she meant.

    We know that Adam and Tayah are the strongest couple on this series of Mafs and are keen for kids... but are they already pregnant?


    The Dubai-based trainer made some off remarks about Marilyse's kids earlier in the episode, suggesting he didn't want to be around them.

    But now he's saying he wants a kid of his own with Marilyse.

    She's not keen because she's already had two kids, but it seems like it's a dealbreaker for Franky.


    Some fans are suggesting that the experts got it wrong and should've paired Franky up with Morag.

    There are fans who've politely suggested it's because they share similar values, while others have put it more bluntly.

    "They have all the same red flags," wrote one fan on Twitter.


    In a plot twist we never saw coming, Josh has admitted he loves Amy.

    We're all shocked given how much they argue and don't seem to even like each other.


    MAFS fans are moaning that the current UK series 'lacks drama'.

    Even though producers mixed up the format to emulate the Down Under MAFS in the hopes of brewing some more scandals, it does not seem to have paid off.

    But never fear because the newest MAFS Australia starts next Monday as soon as the UK version ends.

    We can't wait.


    Besotted Luke is trying everything to make his marriage with Morag work.

    Even though she's told him she does not feel the same way, Luke is changing himself to keep the relationship alive.

    He's flipped-flopped a few times about wanting to start a family when at the beginning of the series, he said having kids was really important to him.

    Luke needs to stop burying his true self in order to save his marriage.


    Yes, Franky really did just refer to himself as 'Frank the Tank'.

    No, we're not sure he realises it sounds silly.

    Maybe, he thinks he's cool?


    Amy Christophers has had another go at Josh, in a major outburst.

    But even though it's hard to watch, maybe they're very well suited?

    Let's not forget that Josh does not have a great track record when it comes to his communication style with Amy.

    In fact, he's been downright rude to her as well. Peas in a pod, I reckon.


    E4 really is having a mare, along with the ALL4 site being down, it seems audio captions are now not working on the telly.

    The network has promised to try and get the situation resolved soon. And if not, it will replay tonight's episode captions and all!

    "We’re sorry some people are experiencing issues viewing #MAFSUK. Rest assured we’ll find a way for you to view it (including the subtitled version) as soon as we’re able," E4 wrote on Twitter.


    Dan is reluctant to move to Leeds because he wants to be near nature, particularly the sea.

    He wants to stay in Northern Ireland for that reason and to open a holistic treatment centre, but may fans are pointing out that it's not the only place in the world with the sea.

    "Does Dan not realise that you don’t have to live in Northern Ireland to live by the ocean?" wrote one fan on Twitter.

    Another added: "Dan does realises he’s been living right by the sea during the experiment in Brighton right? Surely he knows there’s more coasts to go to that he and Matt could move near?"

    And a third wrote: "So @emsarjeant and I have worked it out so Matt and Dan can live together half way between #Leeds and #NorthernIreland is either the #isleofman or better #Blackpool problem solved #MAFSUK."


    The show's first gay couple seemed like they were both open to moving for each other.

    Dan thought about moving to Leeds and Matt was definitely considering a move to his husband's home of Belfast.

    But now, both are very hesitant to uproot their lives. Matt doesn't want to leave his family and friends, while Dan wants to open a holistic treatment centre by the seaside.

    They're going to try 'long-distance' (it's a one hour flight between the cities) for a few months.

    Dan has put his foot down and said they will have to find a compromise at some point.


    Morag and Luke are on a safari that they got to by a fancy helicopter.

    While we want the best for the couple, I can't help but notice Morag keeps pronouncing giraffes, 'gee-raffs'.

    If it were me I'd be too distracted by that to save my relationship.

    Actually, it might even be a deal breaker.


    Seems that Luke might not have some regrets about wearing his heart on his sleeve with Morag.

    He told her he loved her, but Morag said she wasn't feeling it.

    They're trying to work out if they'll ever feel the same way about each other.


    Channel4 and E4 viewers are very frustrated they can't watch MAFS online the ALL4 site or app.

    But ongoing technical difficulties from a fire at the studios over the weekend, mean the show is only available on TV.

    "Tune into E4 at 9pm for the new episode of Married at First Sight UK," read the official E4 Twitter account.

    "Ongoing technical issues mean that it unfortunately won’t be available on All 4.

    "We know you all love #MAFSUK as much as we do, and are working to get back onto All 4 as soon as we can."


    Thanks to being on TV, the MAFS couples are going on some incredible final dates that us mere mortals could only dream of.

    There's horse riding for Franky and Marilyse, while Matt and Dan are enjoying some time on the high seas on a very cool sailboat.

    Amy and Josh are going prosecco tasting and on a local safari.

    Perhaps the most lavish date is a helicopter trip to an unknown location for Morag and Luke.

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