CLLR Roger Bingham paid tribute to Sir Christopher Audland at the recent Milnthorpe Parish Council meeting.

He said that his personal achievements and contribution to the village over the years were appreciated by all.

The seat beside the junior football club needs refurbishment.

A site meeting will be held to decide the position of the planters which are to be placed on the square.

One of the speed indicator display machines is not working.

The market cross needs cleaning. It is to be thoroughly inspected from scaffolding first to see if there is anything to be repaired.

The Milnthorpe Parish Council parking discs for the square have been designed. The council has ordered 2,000 of these.

Thirty-six incidents were reported to the police during December.

The local 552 bus route is proving popular and successful. Services are to be extended.

Cllr Hurst said the lights and parking bay marking on the square needed improvement.

Earlier, the council discussed the need to improve the square. It was decided to look further at an improvement scheme at the next meeting.