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Mark Zuckerberg followed one new person on Twitter this year

As the year comes to a close, it is interesting to look back on all that has changed over the last 12 months. 

While the Facebook founder is not known to have an active presence on Twitter - his last tweet is from 2012 - he did raise his following count of 787 to 788 this year when he followed the updates of Cat Valdes, who goes by the username Catrific. 

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The change, which took place on 6 January, was reported by Big Tech Alert, an account dedicated to tracking the following and unfollowing activity of big names in tech. 

“Ex-influencer. Bulldog mom. Swiftie. Psychology. Mental health advocate,” Valdes’ bio reads. 

On the platform, Valdes shares tweets ranging in subject from her love and support for Taylor Swift to the amount of Hennessey shots she’s taken in the past 24 hours.

Since she joined Twitter in 2008, she has tweeted more than 48,000 times. 

While it is not clear whether the two know each other, Valdes, who follows even less people than Zuckerberg with a total following number of 294, does follow the 35-year-old back.

On YouTube, Valdes has a larger presence, with more than 650,000 subscribers. Her last video, titled Life After YouTube, was uploaded more than two months ago and viewed more than 52,000 times. 

Previously, the former influencer shared video updates about her “stalker,” whether she would ever get plastic surgery, and why she was “uninvited to Vidcon”.

In addition to following Valdes, Zuckerberg, who has faced public scrutiny this year as he defended Facebook in front of Congress, also made another change to his Twitter account this month - when he unfollowed an account for JF Charland. 

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