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Mark Wright reveals secret friendship with Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown as she calls into his radio show

MARK Wright has revealed just how good a friend Millie Bobby Brown is to him after she appeared on his radio show.

Mark, 33, invited the young actress to be a guest on his Heart FM show on this week via video call.

Proving they're really good mates, Mark spoke about hanging out with Millie's parents in the UK and spoke to her about her new film Enola Holmes.

"You are such a worker. You enjoy work though don’t you Mills?" the former Towie star asked the 16-year-old star.

"Yes I push myself all the time, I’m always working, I’m always finding something to do. I love work," Millie replied.

"I’m not obsessed with it just because that would be unhealthy, but I love working and keeping myself busy and learning new things."

Mark then asked Millie about what she misses most about Britain when she's away working in America.

"On set I used to have a good cup of tea with digestives almost every morning and I had Lucozade when I needed some energy," she revealed.

"I just loved hearing the accent all day long and the banter. Don’t get me wrong I love working in America, but home is home for me."

Continuing to gush about his A-list friend, Mark added: "She is obviously one of the most talented actresses to come out of this country for sure.

"She works so hard but on the other side she’s so normal and so grounded and she’s such sweetheart, and the fact that you love a cup of tea just says it all Mills!"

Mark also quizzed Millie on how she manages to switch between a British and American accent - even when she's speaking with him.

"While I was filming I would go to my cousins for instance and they were like, 'you sound so American', and by the end of filming they were like, 'you sound so posh'. I couldn’t stop it!" she admitted.

"But when I’m here in America, my friends are all American, I do get the twang, it’s very difficult. I like being British because it helped me become more British."

Describing Millie's new film as "incredible", Mark asked her how it was filming the upcoming mystery movie.

"It was amazing, it was so fun. Obviously I was literally meeting up with your family while I was filming so they saw some nights I was definitely more tired than I've ever really worked before," she answered.

"I was definitely pushing myself through, it was challenging but I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. It was so much fun."

Millie first found fame in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things playing the role of Eleven.

She has also starred in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and will reprise her role as Madison Russell in next year's Godzilla vs. Kong.

Join Mark Wright on Heart, Monday to Thursday evenings from 7pm-10pm and on Sundays from 12pm-4pm.

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