Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has revealed that a light-hearted exchange with Sir Alex Ferguson left him in hot water with his bosses.

Clattenburg spent 13 years in English football's top flight as a match official and at one point he was regarded as one of the best in the world.

In 2016, he took charge of the FA Cup final, the European Championships final and the Champions League final.

Like any official, Clattenburg did have his fair share of run-ins with Premier League managers and in an interview with The Athletic, he provided details on one moment involving Ferguson that caused some bother.

The moment in question came after Wayne Rooney scored against former club Everton at Goodison Park, prompting a supporter to throw a mobile phone at Manchester United goalkeeper Roy Carroll.

"Mark, I hope that’s Vodafone," Ferguson is said to have told Clattenburg, in reference to the fact that the telecommunications company were United's sponsors at the time. "If it’s not then get rid of it!"

In the piece, it says Clattenburg responded by putting the phone to his ear in response after being handed the device by the referee on the day, Rob Styles.

However, Styles was said to be unamused by the exchange, prompting him to report Clattenburg to his bosses. Clattenburg said he "got an arse-kicking" for not acting in a professional manner as a result.