A crazed Strathaven dog owner who stabbed and tried to strangle his pet labrador has been spared prison.

Martin Stewart had claimed he was God and the world was about to end during the episode last May.

His horrified partner tried desperately to intervene as he hung the helpless dog with its lead from a door handle.

He then stabbed the pooch twice in the stomach before turning the knife on himself, stabbing his neck.

Stewart – naked and covered in blood – then confronted police officers, warning that he’d been “commanded” to kill them.

Stewart, 32, was handed a two-year supervision order today (Monday) as the shocking events were outlined at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

After studying a criminal justice social work report, Sheriff Thomas Millar told Stewart: “This was a bizarre episode.

“You have made good progress addressing your issues since, but I want to ensure that continues through an extended period of supervision.”

Martin Stewart stabbed his pet dog and hung it from a door handle

Court previously heard how Stewart admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and dog cruelty at his home in Rokeby Crescent on May 22 last year.

He also admitted assaulting two police officers, but charges of possessing cannabis and resisting arrest were dropped.

The court heard that, despite the traumatic events, Stewart and his partner remain a couple. Defence agent Andy Iles lodged a letter of support she had written.

The dog was treated by an emergency vet. Its stab wounds were stitched and it has made a full recovery.

Mr Iles said his client was examined by a psychiatrist and was found fit to plead to the charges.

Jennifer Cunningham, prosecuting, previously told court that Stewart – a professional musician – had no previous convictions.

Ms Cunningham told the court how his partner had noticed his mood was “low” in the days prior to the incidents.

His partner had woken up during the night and gone downstairs.

She then heard one-year-old labrador Fergus squealing and went back upstairs to find Stewart had the dog in a headlock.

He was applying pressure to its neck and the dog’s eyes were “rolling”.

Martin Stewart leaves court after sentencing

Ms Cunningham told the court: “She tried to pull the dog away from him, but fell.

“The dog ran from the room and went downstairs. Stewart’s partner was unable to calm him down.

“He was running about, saying she was the Queen of Scotland and the world was going to end in two days.

“The accused ran downstairs and put the lead round the dog’s neck.

“He looped the other end through the handle of the front door and pulled so that the dog was lifted off the floor, suspended by its neck.

“His partner put her arm under the dog, screaming at Stewart to stop as Fergus was choking.

“She then ran outside and phoned 999.

“When she returned she saw the accused stab the dog twice in the abdomen with a kitchen knife.

“The woman tried to wrestle the knife from Stewart who then stabbed himself in the neck.”

Police officers arrived to find Stewart “naked and saturated from head-to-toe in blood”. He ran towards them, performing a lewd act as he did so.

The officers ordered Stewart’s partner to barricade herself in the living room.

He told them “God has commanded me to kill you both. Time to f...... die.”

Stewart lunged at one officer, trying to scratch and punch him, and kicked the other.

The officers used their batons and discharged incapacitating spray to little effect.

A petition was launched online to boycott Stewart's band and music

Finally, a baton blow to the stomach knocked Stewart to the floor and he was subdued.

He was taken to hospital where his neck wound was stitched.

Following his conviction, a petition was launched online to boycott the music of his band, ‘Another Filthy Weekend,’ which can be streamed on services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

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