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Man ‘killed teen girl he met on Snapchat after finding out she was transgender’


A MAN who allegedly kicked a teen girl he met on Snapchat after learning she was transgender has been jailed.
David Bogdanov, 25, arranged a date with Nikki Kuhnhausen, 17, but the two argued when he discovered she was trans - something he said was 'offensive'.

Kuhnhausen had not been seen since June 6, and an investigation was launched into her disappearance just five days later.

She had been staying with friends at the time she disappeared but left them to allegedly meet Bogdanov.

Phone records revealed to detectives the two had been in conversation on the day she disappeared, and that Bogdanov had been at the place where the 17-year-old's body was found.

Her body was found on December 7 when a passer-by spotted a human skull in the woods.

Bogdanov eventually admitted to police he was with Kuhnhausen on June 6, but claimed she "walked away" after the "had a conflict", according to the Oregonian.

The Clark County Sheriff's office responded and found evidence as well as human remains, which forensic analysis later confirmed belonged to Kuhnhausen.

Evidence analyzed by medical examiners indicates "at least the potential" that Kuhnhausen was strangled before she died, Vancouver Police Lt. Tom Ryan told the news station.

Bogdanov was arrested and charged with second-degree murder on Tuesday.

He allegedly met the teen the morning she disappeared, killed her, and may have driven his white van - or a similar vehicle - up to Larch Mountain, a dormant volcano near Portland, to dump the body, detectives said.

He is being held without bail at Clark County Jail and made his first court appearance Wednesday morning.

Bogdanov was silent during the hearing, but a woman who described herself as Kuhnhausen's good friend told The Columbian she saw Bogdanov smiling constantly.

More than two dozen of the slain teen's family and friends reportedly attended the brief hearing.

Bogdanov's next court appearance is scheduled for January 2.

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