An Aldi shopper has been left shocked after realising she could not afford to pay for her shopping when she reached the checkout desk.

Taking to Facebook to post on July 25, the mum stated that she had been shopping at the supermarket giant Aldi with her six-year-old son.

After reaching the till with her shopping, she quickly discovered she had brought with her the wrong card and was forced to leave behind some of her products.

According to Liverpool Echo, the mum said she left the supermarket and, as she was packing her remaining shopping into her car, a "lovely man" approached her with the bag of items she had left at the till.

She reported that she was "that much in shock with the man's kindness", she forgot to ask for his details to repay him.

The mum's post read: "So today while I was shopping in the Aldi on Aigburth road I got to the till and realised I’d brought the incorrect cash card out, so I left some shopping behind.

"Anyway, as I was packing my car up some lovely man came up to the car with a bag of the bits I left behind...I was that much in shock with his kindness I didn’t ask for his details to repay that.

"So if your that very kind person please get in touch as I’d love to drop the money back to you."

"But thank you so much as I was able to explain to my six-year-old son who was with me the importance of being kind."

One person said: "What a heart warming story. What a good man."

A second person said: "Aww what a lovely thing to do x there are some amazing people in this world x"

After reading the post, a third person added: "Restores your faith in people".

While a fourth person said: "You haven't made my day - you have made a whole series of days - by telling about this."

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