Bernardo mobbed by teammates

John Stones and Fernandinho raced onto the pitch to mob Bernardo Silva as he peeled away to celebrate his second goal of the night.

The Manchester City duo were warming up by the corner flag but couldn't contain their delight as one of the most popular players in the squad continued his brilliant form. The rest of the XI joined in soon enough, with Raheem Sterling sharing a joke with the Portuguese international as they made their way back to the centre-circle.

It is true that Bernardo wanted to leave in the summer transfer window, but it is also true that nobody at the Etihad wanted him to. As Pep Guardiola has said, they just want him to be happy and they could not be more delighted to see him in such form. He is of course a terrific footballer, but the way his manager and his teammates respond to him every week confirms that Bernardo is also a great character.

He may not have got a transfer, but he is currently starring twice a week every week in one of the best teams in Europe with fans and players alike adoring him. That can't be bad.

Can we play you every week?

City have racked up 6-0, 5-0 and 8-0 victories over Watford in recent years and this could have been more than that in the opening half-hour alone.

After having to face so many low blocks and dogged resistance from Premier League sides over the course of the season, the Blues relished the space and time that they were foolishly given by the hosts. Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva and others all enjoyed running from the centre-circle into the penalty area without being tackled.

City have been painted as the least glamorous of the three title contenders, in part because they have won three of the last four titles but also because a team that dominates possession but scores few goals isn't always eye-catching.

Watford provided a textbook example of why so many teams shut up shop against City from the first whistle, because if you open up you get shredded time and time again.

Eyes on Leipzig

A look at the bench provided several clues for players that will start the Champions League dead rubber in midweek.

Zack Steffen, John Stones, Nathan Ake, Aleks Zinchenko, Fernandinho, Kevin De Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez and Gabriel Jesus can all expect to start against RB Leipzig as Guardiola gives some of his regulars a much-needed rest. The quality there should be enough to compete for a result in Germany too even if - as expected - a number of academy players come into the side as well.

From being in a state of emergency in midweek, all suddenly looks very rosy again with the City squad almost at full strength and so many players in form.

Guardiola doesn't stop

Jack Grealish didn't join in the celebrations for Manchester City's second goal because he was writhing in pain on the floor on the halfway line. He had been caught after playing his part in the move and was still in some distress as Bernardo Silva smashed the ball into the net.

Helped to his feet by a teammate, the former Villa man made his way gingerly to the side of the pitch where he could grab some water and chat to a medic. Before he got there though, there was Pep Guardiola to make sure he said whatever he wanted to say before Grealish could make his way off. The manager then grabbed a word with Ruben Dias as well before Watford kicked off again.

City had been all over Watford, they had just gone 2-0 up, and Guardiola was still shouting players over to instruct them. And that, in part, is what makes City so good.

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