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Love Island’s Shaughna ‘hurt’ after being called a ‘money grabber’ for being paid to promote coronavirus trace app

LOVE Island’s Shaughna was left ‘hurt’ after being called a “money grabber” for being paid to promote the Government’s coronavirus trace app on social media. 

The reality star and other influencers are being paid taxpayer money to flog the NHS Test and Trace app which informs people when they’ve been in contact with someone with the coronavirus. 

Shaughna, alongside fellow Love Island alum Josh Denzel and Chris Hughes, promoted the app to her followers last month. 

Speaking out about the judgement, Shaughna said: “It’s not fair.”

“It’s no different to a television advert or newspaper advert, and, I mean, I’ve worked for the council for four years before Love Island, so I’ve been getting paid by taxpayer money since 2017 and I am a taxpayer,” she told 

Referring to the rumours about how much some of the celebs and influencers were being paid to promote the app – some have said £10,000 to £20,000 per post – the Pretty Little Thing ambassador rubbished the claims. 

Laughing, she said: “If the numbers were as true as they were in the newspapers, I would have done it twice.

“It’s one of them things where people just like to be outraged. Especially when there’s a face to it and they’ve got someone they can pick on.

“‘I’m pretty tough-skinned. It’s actually strange. When people troll me for my looks or things like that, things like that don’t bother me. But when they judge my character, it definitely hurts me a lot more. 

“When they were saying I was a “money-grabber” and stuff like that, that definitely hurt me more.”

Shaughna’s inoffensive post promoting the app featured a photo of herself and a friend along with the simple steps to take when getting tested for the virus. 

Boris Johnson addressed the nation tonight explaining the tough new restrictions he's bringing in to combat the coronavirus second wave.

The PM explained his plan to tell Brits they have to work from home if possible and fleshed out details of the 10pm curfew he's bringing in for pubs and restaurants.

The tough new restriction could last for the next six months, the PM warned earlier today.

If it fails, he warned that a second national lockdown couldn't be ruled out.

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