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Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson says ‘guys, I know how to please your girlfriend’

HELLO, boys. Megan Barton-Hanson is here to help you have mindblowing sex.

In the final part of our series, the Love Islander reveals how to turn up the heat in the bedroom . . . and beyond.

And today she is addressing the fellas, talking about what men can do to make their partners oh-oh-oh-so happy.

With winter on its way, there is no better time to stoke those home fires.

Megan, 26, who has a new sex, career and mental health podcast You Come First, says: “It’s all about getting out of a rut, putting some sizzle back into the bedroom and having the best sex ever.”

Get out of a routine

SENDING a racy text, photo or clip can be thrilling. I know a sexy pic turns on my partner.

If Covid is keeping you apart, sexts can maintain the heat in your relationship.

But guys, don’t just send a picture of your willy. No one wants to see just your winky staring out at them.

We like to see your face, or your stomach, or legs. We appreciate the full package.

Do a video or picture when you are straight out of the shower. There’s nothing sexier.

Avoid bad sex

THERE are two things that really turn me off: Bad communication and when a partner is overthinking things.

Those can really ruin the moment. I’m pretty new at being with girls but one I was with kept asking, “What do we do?” and saying: “This is weird.” So awkward.

If you are not feeling the vibe, I’d rather chill out and have a chat. I think she expected me to whip out a lesbian “How To” guide.

I have to feel connected and bonded to the person so I can relax into sex. If we have just had a row, I probably won’t feel like having sex with you.

For women, sex is much more about being turned on mentally.

Tell her what you're thinking

WHO doesn’t love being told they look sexy?

If my partner says I look fit in the morning it is a real bonus, beacuse that’s when I feel I look my worst.

After being with someone for a while, compliments might get forgotten. I’m so bad for complimenting partners.

I often only do it when I’m having sex with someone or about to.

Telling your other half in ordinary situations how much they turn you on can start a spark that might lead to sex later on. Keep those fires burning.

Do it when they least expect it — such as stacking the dishwasher or getting dressed. Say how sexy they look or how they make you feel.

If you have great sex, message the next day to say you are still thinking about what a good time you had.

It’ll get them thinking dirty thoughts and they are more likely to be in the mood when you next meet.

When someone enjoys pleasuring me, that is so attractive. Tell your partner how much you love turning them on.

Tease them

I LIKE to be spontaneous and love experimenting. I’d hate to get into a rut or routine in my sex life.

I am fortunate enough to be working with lifestyle brand LELO, which has some amazing toys couples can use.

You might like to try using a blindfold. I’m a very visual person but it’s good to try new things your partner suggests.

In the past I’ve tried things I’d not expected to like and been pleasantly surprised.

If you tend to be dominant, try letting your partner take control. I feel empowered when I’m in charge, but to hand over that power is exciting.

Go beyond the bedroom. I might not suggest Southend Airport toilets, where Love Island’s Wes Nelson and I got caught, but even a different room in the house can be thrilling.

If you’re shy, try a sexy game. I have a pack of cards that give you a body part then say what to do.

People worry about new things because they feel embarrassed or want everything to go smoothly.

But if you can’t laugh about it with your partner, you’re probably taking things too seriously.

Slow down

HAVING had sex with both men and women, I reckon women concentrate more on foreplay because that’s what they like.

Foreplay can often finish too quickly, especially if you have been together for a long time and know what each other like.

Don’t go straight in for the stuff you know works for each other and rush the foreplay.

It’s not supposed to be a race to the finish line. Maybe for men foreplay isn’t the most important thing about sex.

But fellas, for a lot of women it is the main part. I often enjoy it more than the actual sex.

Don’t just go for the obvious body parts, either. There are erogenous zones all over the body.

Kissing your partner’s neck or stomach, for instance, could well light some fireworks.

Giving your partner a massage is a good way to start, with plenty of oil and even some toys that can be used all over the body if you are feeling really fruity.

Megan Barton Hanson on how she likes to take control in the bedroom and can be ‘quite demanding and dominant’

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