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Love Island’s Callum and Molly kiss AGAIN as he tells her they’ve got ‘something special’


LOVE Island's Callum and Molly kiss AGAIN tonight as he tells her they've got "something special."

Callum, 23, pulls Molly to one side to tell her how he’s feeling after meeting the bombshell in Casa Amor.

They end up sharing their first real kiss outside of game, after Callum says: “I feel like when I came in here I didn’t think my head would turn.

"I did say it would take someone special for me to turn. And I do think that could potentially be you.”

Molly, 25, asks: “Am I making you nervous?”

Then Callum replies: “A little bit, it’s just you” before leaning in for a kiss, signalling the end of his romance with Shaughna Phillips, 25.

Discussing his situation earlier, Callum tells the boys: “With Shaughna, I didn’t feel like if a new boy was coming in, I was just chilled about it. With Molly…”

And Callum admits he doesn’t feel the same about Shaughna: “For some reason, it’s not there.”

Meanwhile in the Main Villa, Shaughna tells the girls she’s had a bad dream about Callum.

She says: “I had a nightmare about Casa Amor. Callum was saying to me, ‘It’s between you and another girl, but you’re completely different and the other girl’s really, really shy.’”

Callum says he has no sexual attraction with Shaughna on Love Island

Later, she’s discussing the situation with Paige, admitting: “I’m ready to pack my bag and move to Manchester.”

It comes as Shaughna admitted she would leave the villa if Callum returned with another girl.

She said last night: "I just don't know what I'll do if he comes back with a girl. I wont be able to stay in this villa."

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