Love Island viewers have been left praising Abigail Rawlings and Mary Bedford after they were both pied by Toby Aromolaran.

Despite having previously dumped Kaz Kamwi for Chloe Burrows, Toby repeated his earlier behaviour by going on to ditch Chloe for new bombshell arrival Abigail.

However, after a trip to Case Amor, Toby pursued another new connection with newbie Mary Bedford.

Returning to the main villa, Toby was coupled with Mary and faced Abigail standing alone as she waited loyally for his return.

In the aftermath, Toby remained confused as he wished to pursue his connections with Abigail and Mary.

Love Island's Toby Aromolaran approached Abigail and Mary about his feelings for Chloe (



However, on Monday’s episode, Toby confused everyone even more when he made clear his “head” was still with Chloe Burrows.

After confiding in pals Jake Cornish and Tyler Cruickshank, Toby was honest with Abigail and she reacted in an empathetic and calm manner when she realised he was more keen on Chloe.

Abigail even called Toby “cute” as he struggled with his predicament.

Toby was honest with Abigail Rawlings about what he was going to do (



Toby later approached Mary too and made clear his feelings, with the blonde beauty revealing in the Beach Hut that she was shocked he still harboured feelings for Chloe.

Speaking to the girls later, Mary said she was now on “Friend Island” but carried on sharing a bed with Toby.

Taking to social media, viewers shared their thoughts on how Abigail and Mary handled being pied off for Chloe.

Abigail was not angered by Toby's news and even called him "cute" (



One person penned on Twitter : “Abigail is the most understanding & chill girl in #loveisland as well as being the best looking

“It's hard to understand how she's not the most wanted girl #dreamgirl ”

Another Love Island fan wrote: “How Abigail and Mary are ok with Toby still in the feels with Chloe I will never know #LoveIsland ”.

Meanwhile, a different viewer penned: “Mary is uniquely beautiful!! And I like how calm her demeanor is #LoveIsland ”.

Mary Bedford was baffled as Toby revealed his feelins for Chloe (



Elsewhere, another fan of the show commented: "I actually feel bad for Mary. She’s regretting not targeting Teddy and going for that little drip. #LoveIsland ”.

Finally, one Love Island fan concluded: “im so glad toby has told abi and mary the truth before saying anything to chloe, he's handling this well you can tell something's finally clicking in that skull of his #LoveIsland ”.

Will Toby finally settle down with Chloe? Or could his head turn once again?

*Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub, with previous episodes available on ITV Hub and added to BritBox the following morning.