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Love is Blind’s Cameron reveals cast secrets, frustrations and what REALLY happens inside the pods

LOVE is Blind star Cameron Hamilton opened up about his biggest frustration from the show and what actually went on behind-the-scenes.

The 28-year-old contestant became engaged to Lauren Speed in the FIRST episode of the Netflix blind dating series before the two ever laid eyes on each other.

But the Georgia scientist exclusively revealed to The Sun that their relationship was not as rushed as it appeared on the show: “We were all dating between 18-20 hours a day.

“There was a system where we would rank everyone from most favorite to least favorite of the dates. Lauren and I both had each other in the first spot from the first day.

“So we did talk to each other a lot and what looks like a few minutes was really days and many hours of those days.”

Many fans have questioned why the contestants get so dressed up in the “pods” if they cannot see each other.

While Cameron admitted the cameras are “a big part of it,” he revealed his strong connection with his fiancé played a bigger role:

“On the dates with Lauren, even though I know she can’t see me I still want to look good for her. Maybe it’s just something in us all that’s so deeply ingrained that we want to look good for the people we want to impress.”

The reality star admitted the “thing that surprised” him the most was seeing the “dynamic between Jessica and Barnett.”

He went on to say of the drama between the engineer who popped the question to Amber and the regional manager who is engaged to Mark: “We really had no idea that was going on while filming.

“I knew in the pods Jessica liked both Mark and Barnett. Even on the dates if we we didn’t connect with them, we still were friends and would still talk to each other.

“So I talked to Jessica about Lauren and she talked to me about Barnett. But I had no idea she had such strong feelings that continued.”

Though it was not shown on the series, the sense of support carried over when the men lived together on set.

“You would think the guys would have this sort of rivalries but it was the exact opposite where we had this shared sense of camaraderie.

“Even guys who were interested in the same women were bonding over that in a weird way.”

In one of the episodes, contestants Damian Powers and fiancé Giannina Gibelli got into a heated argument about their troubled sex life.

Being a close friend to Damian, Cameron revealed this was the scene he was not looking forward to most: “[Damian] was so distraught by it because he didn’t really understand why even bring that up.

"It didn’t seem fair to me at all and I empathize with that. Since we finished filming I’ve been dreading seeing that.”

Viewers have complained that they did not get to see Cameron’s family and he revealed he shares their anger and called it “the most frustrating thing for me on the show.”

“I was looking forward and expecting to see them but they weren’t there. I don’t know why exactly. Lauren did get to meet my parents.

“They had a great moment where Lauren met my Mom and they really bonded and then later her father came over and we all talked as a group about how we can make this work moving forward. I thought it was a really beautiful moment.”

As the only bi-racial couple on the show, their storyline has heavily focused on their ethnicities which Cameron said is the “biggest misconception” about their relationship:

“It was a small but important amount of time. We’re more complex people than that.

“We talked about everything really so I think we both were hoping to see more of our relationship unfold and more discussions we had about other topics as well.”

While fans have to wait until tomorrow's final episodes to see if he and Lauren went through with the wedding, he ended on a positive note: “I am in a great place right now, I’m very happy.”

The two-hour finale of Love is Blind will be released on Netflix Thursday, February 27.

A reunion special led by host’s Nick and Vanessa Lachey will air on Netflix’s YouTube channel March 5th.

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