When Rosie Smith was a little girl, she liked nothing better than visiting the GMTV studio to watch her mum Lorraine Kelly interview the world’s most famous stars.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that, 20 years on, Rosie has followed in her mother’s footsteps into the world of celebrity journalism.

Rosie, 27, who has a journalism degree from Edinburgh Napier University, works for Hello! magazine.

She also hosts a podcast with her mum where they interview celebrities about the life-changing moments they have faced.

Despite being the daughter of the nation’s best-loved chat show host, Rosie admits she still gets starstruck.

Rosie appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox with her mum Lorraine
Rosie appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox with her mum Lorraine

She said: “I had to interview David Gandy – it was on Zoom and I had to turn my camera off because I was bright red. I definitely still get starstruck but my mum does as well.

“When I was really young, I’d make sure that I could go into the GMTV studio whenever bands like Westlife, Blue or Five were there.

“I’d just have to be there – which was brilliant – but I’d be totally starstruck then and I’d still be now.”

Rosie is the only child of Lorraine, 61, and her cameraman husband of 29 years, Steve Smith, who met while working for TVam.

Born in England, the family moved to Scotland just as Rosie turned 12.

She attended Dundee High School, then spent four years studying journalism at the same university where her mother learned her craft.

Rosie says her mum and dad are her joint inspiration.

She said: “I’m definitely inspired by my mum but I owe a lot to my dad too.

Rosie Kelly Smith with her dad Steve Smith
Rosie Kelly Smith with her dad Steve Smith

"They both work in the media industry – mum on the telly and my dad as a cameraman – so when I was trying to decide what to do with my life, I think I did what a lot of people do and ended up sticking with what I knew through them.

“At first I thought maybe I should do production and wondered what would be most useful.

“Then I thought if I do journalism it means I can pretty much do anything. When I went to Napier, I don’t think they knew who my mum was.

"It helps that I have a different last name to my mum, although it’s Smith on her passport.”

After she graduated, Rosie headed to Singapore where she spent two years working for a charity, then in public relations for a hotel and bar group.

When she returned to the UK, she set up home in London and started searching for work.

She didn’t cash in on her family connections to get her foot in any door.

Rosie said: “I had about six months at home doing nothing.

“I applied for lots of jobs and couldn’t get one. It wasn’t happening at all but you just have to keep trying.

“Then in August last year I got an internship at Hello! At first I was writing for the magazine and now I’ve got a job on the video team.”

Rosie’s job has seen her carry out celebrity interviews and attend red carpet events as a reporter.

While she is no stranger to the red carpet – she often accompanies her mum on celebrity outings – she is quite happy with her new role.

She said: “I actually prefer to work at a red carpet event as you don’t have to get so dressed up and you don’t have to worry about your fake tan lines or anything like that.

“I was working at an event two weeks ago where I got to speak to Alesha Dixon. Liz Hurley was there, which was very exciting, and David Furnish too.

“Eamonn Holmes was also there, which was really lovely as I know him quite well but I hadn’t seen him in years. Everyone was very nice. I loved it.”

While Rosie works just three days a week for the magazine, she keeps busy on her days off.

She recently appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside her mum and last weekend they were on Saturday Kitchen Live.

They also work together on their podcast What If?

Rosie, who looks very like her mum, said: “My mum and I are very close and I learn a lot from her. She has a very good way of asking people difficult questions. They open up to her.

“When we lived in Dundee, my mum would commute up and down to London – meaning it was my dad who was taking me to school, giving me my dinner and doing all of that.

“He was the one who would be telling me off and mum was the one who was all about fun.

“We’ve never really had a big fallout. Some people may think that’s weird but it’s just the way it is. Now we work together too on What If? and we love doing it.

“Originally the plan was that it would be a mother-and-daughter podcast, interviewing other mothers and daughters, but then we had a different idea.

“We’ve had so many amazing guests on, telling us about the real life-changing ‘what if?’ moments, where things could have turned out so differently if they had taken a slightly different step.”

Rosie and her mum have interviewed stars including Gabby Logan, who opened up about how her mum’s decision to leave a football stand minutes early saved Gabby and her siblings from the Bradford City disaster where a fire ripped through the stadium claiming 56 lives.

Other guests have included astronaut Tim Peake, actor Larry Lamb, presenter Cat Deeley and author Marian Keyes.

Rosie is deeply happy in her job and in her life away from work too.

Rosie Smith and her boyfriend James Bannister
Rosie Smith and her boyfriend James Bannister

She recently set up home with partner James Bannister, 28, and has even created an Instagram account for the sausage dog puppy they share, Ruby.

Rosie said: “I met James at school – we were at Dundee High together, although he was in the year above.

“We have been friends for about 10 years and kept in touch even when I was in Singapore.

“When I came back to the UK, I had this crazy idea about having the same type of car my dad had when I was four – a little MG.

“James is into classic cars and works with cars, doing a lot of PR for car companies, so I knew he was the person to ask. His advice to me was, ‘Don’t be so stupid,’ but we met up and he basically hasn’t left.

“My mum and dad are very happy that I’ve got a Scottish boy.”

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