Scotland's celebrities were gutted as our national team were defeated 2-0 by the visiting Czech team at Hampden during Euro2020.

And as soon as Schick scored the second devastating goal, they took to social media to record their responses.

As the Nation held their heads in their hands, everyone from Still Game stars to Lorraine Kelly uttered words of disbelief and disappointment at the sickening moment.

Still Game's Greg Hemphill didn't hold back as he uttered : "F*************k"

He got an instant reTweet from ITV daytime presenter Lorraine - who agreed saying "exactly".

She added: "For the love of god. Scunnered doesn't cover it."

Oasis legend Liam Gallagher appeared more optimistic as he urged: "Cmon Scotland."

Amy Macdonald who sang Flower of Scotland for a game against Wales in March, 2013 said: "I love that all the weans are watching this in school. This is the sort of crushing disappointment that sets you up for life."

DJ George Bowie whose remix of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie was heading towards the top of the charts, said: "So it looks like we'll just have to do it the hard way, that's what being Scottish is all about!

"Everyone is off to drown their sorrows and I'm off for my second Covid Jag."

Hardeep Singh Kohli uttered: "Schick as a parott.

And Nicky Campbell said: "O ffs. Looking forward to the delicious punishment of the rest of our group matches. @E_L_James#50shadesofdarkblue."

Nicola Sturgeon exclaimed: "Onwards and upwards stop Wembley #COMEONSCOTLAND #SCO."

River City and Scots Squad star Jordan Young also remained optimistic.

He said: "Important to remember that whatever we all think of team selection or individual players choices in a game, they all gave absolutely everything and didn’t make the wrong choice on purpose. Onwards and upwards. Mon Scotland!!"