For some people appearing in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court is a one-off nightmare.

But for others with a whole file of previous convictions, it is more like a second home.

This year Liverpool Crown Court has seen dozens of people whose records of offences run into the hundreds.

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Below are some of the worst repeat offenders we have seen so far this year in Liverpool's Crown and Magistrates courts.

Hopeless crook smeared his blood around Ma Egerton's pub

A criminal who burgled Ma Egerton's Stage Door left his blood smeared around the famous pub.

Stephen McCouid, 38, has 51 previous convictions for a staggering 104 offences, including robbery, burglary and thefts.

The Paramount, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, looming over Ma Egerton's pub
The Paramount, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, looming over Ma Egerton's pub

He was once jailed for 10 years after bungled raids when he pretended a vacuum cleaner attachment was a shotgun.

Liverpool Crown Court today heard McCouid struck at the historic venue in Pudsey Street on October 8 last year.

Christopher Hopkins, prosecuting, said Nicholas Ho, who works at the Victorian pub, was sleeping in a third floor bedroom.

He was woken by a "loud bang" in the early hours of the morning and saw one of two intruders, who he told to get out.

The men ran downstairs and he could hear rummaging and the sound of glass breaking before the burglars fled and police arrived.

Mr Hopkins said a bathroom window had been smashed to gain entry, where McCouid's blood was left on the windowsill.

Blood was also left on a combination lock to an office, various items had been moved around in the bar and a bin bag was abandoned on the landing contained bottles of spirits.

Mr Hopkins said the raid caused Mr Ho "significant distress" and in a victim statement he outlined how he had trouble sleeping afterwards.


Smirking burglar 'exploited' vulnerable mum he was dating

Lee Owens, 42, of Drake Crescent, Fazakerley.
Lee Owens, 42, of Drake Crescent, Fazakerley

A smirking burglar 'exploited' a vulnerable mum he was dating and recruited her to join his life of crime.

Lee Owens, 42, has been breaking into properties since he was a boy and has 55 previous convictions for 162 offences.

When he moved in with Lisa Fletcher, the 47-year-old mum, of Drake Crescent, Fazakerley, didn't have a criminal record.

But she soon helped him carry out two commercial burglaries, during a spate of raids led by the long term drug addict.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Owens struck at the Caribbean restaurant Turtle Bay, in Victoria Street, Liverpool city centre, on August 16 last year.

He was seen on CCTV walking into the restaurant and going upstairs to a toilet and staff room, where he found a key for a safe.

Owens took £3,643 from the safe before bumping into the manager on his way out and asking her where the toilet was.

Martine Snowden, prosecuting, said the manager took six months off work and staff were left worried about working there alone were offered counselling.

On October 1, Owens and Fletcher went to a Londis in Muirhead Avenue, Croxteth, where the owner discovered his car was missing at 11.30pm.

CCTV showed Owens entered a storeroom and took the keys to the car, then stole £100 of gin, which he hid in Fletcher's bag.

He drove off in the owner's car, when banned from the road because he hadn't taken an extended retest after a dangerous driving conviction in 2011.

On December 3, the couple targeted Holland and Barrett in Bold Street, Liverpool city centre, when CCTV revealed Owens entered a staff room.

Ms Snowden said Owens stole £25 and a bank card from a woman's handbag, while Fletcher acted as a "lookout".

The victim heard noises and was so scared she locked herself in an office for 45 minutes, before £200 was spent on her card.

Ms Snowden said the woman was left "extremely anxious" and now repeatedly checks her bag and pockets.


Thug glasses pensioner with bottle of Budweiser

Dennis Morgan, 34, of Malvern Road, Kensington
Dennis Morgan, 34, of Malvern Road, Kensington

A thug bottled a pensioner in the face after claiming the victim was friends with a rapist.

Dennis Morgan and John O'Brien discussed a mutual acquaintance while drinking in Williamson Square in Liverpool city centre.

Liverpool Crown Court heard an argument broke out when 34-year-old Morgan accused this unidentified man of being a rapist.

But when Mr O'Brien said he would continue being friends with the man, Morgan attacked the 69-year-old and left him permanently scarred.

Michael Stephenson, prosecuting, said Mr O'Brien and his partner had been out in New Brighton before heading into Liverpool on May 30 last year.

He said: "They were sitting to one side of Williamson Square when they were joined by a relative of Mr O'Brien, David Collins, and the defendant, who was known to Mr O'Brien only as Dennis.

"The defendant found out that Mr O'Brien had been associating with a mutual acquaintance of theirs, who I'm not proposing to name in court.

"He accused that individual of being a rapist and he seemed to be extremely incensed about it and about Mr O'Brien's association with him.

"Mr O'Brien for his part accepts that he responded to the defendant's observations by indicating that he would maintain his friendship with the other individual and says they were arguing effectively over a period of about 30 minutes."

Mr Stephenson said Morgan then told Mr O'Brien to "get out of my square".

He said: "At that point he was standing holding a Budweiser bottle in his hand. The Crown's case is that he walked over and hit Mr O'Brien in the face with that bottle.

"He hit him just below the nose and this had the effect of knocking him to the ground. It also appears to have shattered the bottle."

Mr Stephenson said Mr O'Brien's companions tried to staunch the blood flow and the police were called, but Morgan left the scene.

CCTV footage of the attack was played in court, which showed Mr O'Brien standing up before he was hit.

However, Mr Stephenson said it wasn't accepted there was any provocation towards Morgan, adding: "The Crown would say this was a situation of his own making really, with his demand that Mr O'Brien leave the square."

Mr O'Brien was left with a 3cm cut, which went down to the bone and has left a scar.

Officers tracked down Morgan, who gave a no comment interview, before he was picked out in an identity parade, then refused a second interview.

Morgan, of Malvern Road, Kensington, who later admitted wounding, has 37 previous convictions for 75 offences.


Man traps girlfriend in Adelphi Hotel room and accuses her of sleeping with other guests

Ronnie Whitby, 29, of Boundary Street, Kirkdale
Ronnie Whitby, 29, of Boundary Street, Kirkdale

A man trapped his girlfriend at the Adelphi Hotel and battered her after accusing her of sleeping with other guests.

Ronnie Whitby, 29, refused to let Claire Mawdsley leave their room at the building in Ranelagh Place, Liverpool city centre.

The woman beater, who has 57 previous convictions for 90 offences, then inflicted two black eyes in a drunken rage.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the victim eventually managed to persuade Whitby to go to a shop at Lime Street Station, where she locked herself in a toilet and security staff were alerted to her sobbing.

Matthew Conway, prosecuting, said: "On February 12, 2020 the police received a phone call from the victim, Claire Mawdsley, stating that she had been kept in a room in the Adelphi Hotel against her will and assaulted by her partner, this defendant.

"She had fled from the room, made her way to Lime Street before making her way to Boots pharmacy nearby to make the call."

Mr Conway said Whitby, of Boundary Street, Kirkdale and his partner had taken a room at the hotel a few days beforehand.

Pictured is Liverpool Crown Court

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He said: "During their stay the defendant began accusing the victim of sleeping with other people in the hotel.

"In accusing her he also assaulted her by striking her to the face multiple times."

Mr Conway said: "She planned her escape she tells the police by convincing the defendant to go to a shop in Lime Street station.

"When she made her way to the station she got herself in a bathroom and locked herself there, in the hope someone would come and help."

He said a worker at the station heard her crying and a security guard came to help, while Whitby who was waiting outside, was told to leave.

Police arrived and took photos of her injuries, including bruises to her eyes, nose and left side of her jaw, and observed blood on her jumper, which she said was from a nosebleed.


'Desperate' robber walked into travel agency and grabbed terrified woman with baby

Gary Gilboy, 60, of Salisbury Avenue, Netherton
Gary Gilboy, 60, of Salisbury Avenue, Netherton

A robber subjected three women working at a travel agency to a terrifying ordeal after he grabbed hold of one of them and demanded cash.

Prolific serial robber Gary Gilboy, 60, entered the Hays Travel shop in St Helens town centre on the afternoon of Friday, June 11.

Gilboy, of Salisbury Avenue, Netherton, was masked, wearing a baseball cap, and carrying a rucksack.

Three women were in the store at the time - the female manager, a female employee, and another woman who also worked there but was visiting while on a day off, along with a one-year-old child in a buggy.

CCTV showed to Liverpool Crown Court showed Gilboy entering the Church Street store. He first pulled one of the women up from her seat by the blazer of her uniform, and then grabbed the manager forcefully by the arm, and marched them both into the rear area where the safe was located.

The woman with the buggy, meanwhile, left the store in a state of panic and immediately called police.

CCTV from inside the office showed the staff members - in line with company policy - not resisting but opening the safe.

Gilboy then helped himself to cash and exited the store.

David Watson, prosecuting, said: "By this time some members of the public had been alerted and the defendant was chased through the Hardshaw shopping centre, where he was cornered by four people.

"When police arrived, he admitted straightaway it was him and he was arrested."

Mr Watson said a yellow screwdriver was recovered from inside his rucksack - which was not used in the robbery - together with Euros to the value of £2,545, along with £350 in cash.

In victim statements read out in court, one of the employees, Ellie Woodman, 21, said she had suffered anxiety and panic attacks following the robbery, and had been "on edge" whenever customers such as heavily-built men entered the store.

The court heard that Gilboy's criminal record went back 45 years, and he had carried out 34 previous robberies to this one.


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