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Little People’s Isabel Roloff cozies up to sister-in-law Audrey at big family reunion despite massive feud

LITTLE People's Isabel and Audrey Roloff continue to repair their relationship as they cosy up to each other.

The family all spent some quality time reconnecting while visiting with family matriarch Amy Roloff.

Isabel and Audrey who are married to Jacob and Jeremy respectively, have put their differences aside to enjoy some family time together.

They have been spending the weekend at Amy's property and recently cuddled together while enjoying hot toddies.

Isabel posted a photo of her and Audrey on the floor alongside Amy and her daughter.

She captioned the pic: "Hot Toddy Hotties."

Molly made the warm drink for her family who enjoyed it in the living room.

A hot toddy is a drink of boiling water mixed with liquor - usually whisky - honey, lemon and cloves.

The latest series of pics came after Isabel shared more videos and photos on her Instagram Story of the family's weekend reunion.

Smiling, Jacob’s wife held onto Jeremy and Audrey’s baby boy, Bode, while bouncing him a little and zooming in and out on their faces, while he smiled around a pacifier and played with a toy football.

Izzy doted over her niece Lilah, Zach and Tori’s 10-month-old daughter, and called her “perfect” as the two sat together by an outdoor fire pit.

She also shared how much she “missed” seeing 3-year-old Jackson.

On Friday, Isabel shared a photo of Amy in front of a wall of paintings, a couple of which the 22-year-old had done herself.

She wrote alongside the snapshot: “My mother in law is the cutest! We’re in town visiting, and she was eager to show me how she had my art hung up together, side by side. 

“I love her so much and I’m so thankful for her proudly displaying my art in her home.”

All of this family love and reuniting comes after much conflict amongst the siblings.

A couple of weeks ago, Jacob told fans "not to follow" Jeremy for spreading "overt disinformation" about the Oregon fires.

Jacob wrote: "Many many people message me re: my brother and his posts.

"I (try to) speak to him often, and especially when it is overt disinformation. Like today. I wish it wasn't so! But it is.

"Educate and speak to the people around you! Resistance to the glut and easiness of conspiracies is hugely important right now."

He wrapped it up with: "Also...maybe don't follow him right now."

Audrey and Jeremy have also been involved in this family feud with Jacob and Isabel, mainly over their political differences.

After Audrey, who currently runs a Christian podcast and blog, reposted her brother's video about unity during the George Floyd protests, Jacob called the clip "police propaganda” and said it was “not activism.”

That is not the only incident as Jacob has also called out her and Jeremy's support for Donald Trump.

He also once tweeted: “I, too, am embarrassed to be related to Trump voters.”

Little People's Jacob and Isabel Roloff reunite with his brother Jeremy and sister-in-law Audrey after family feud

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