Who is the greatest full-back in Premier League history?

That is the question Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and former Manchester City defender Micah Richards attempted to answer during the latest Match of the Day: Top 10 podcast.

As you would expect, England greats such as Gary Neville and Ashley Cole featured on the list.

Shearer and Richards put Cole top of the class, while two players with City connections - Kyle Walker and Richards himself - found themselves in esteemed company, too.

Walker came in at number five and six respectively as the BBC Sport pundits, naturally, joked about Richards and his standing among the Premier League greats, before settling on the pundit at number 10.

Here are the City-themed highlights from the latest MOTD podcast episode;

Micah Richards

GL: After more than 20 episodes, Micah Richards has finally made it on to a list. Obviously we are not talking best pundits, it's the Premier League's greatest full-backs. How the hell did you get on that list?

MR: Haha! I don't do the list.

GL: There's a degree of sympathy involved here... not at all.

AL: Can I just say, before we start, he is not number 10 on my list.

MR: Am I number 11? It feels great, to be honest. I feel like there was a degree of sympathy, but I will take it. I was actually a striker growing up...

AS: I said this years ago, all defenders are failed forwards! Was one of your first England games against Holland?

MR: You lot were all raving about me.

GL: That was because we didn't know we would be working with you now.

MR: I was up against Robben. Normally, he used to switch between right and left. You know when I talk about you have to get that first tackle? He skipped past me, but I got the better of him the next time and I remember [Steve] McClaren saying it was one of the best debuts he had ever seen... I loved it [defending], dominating someone. I liked having that physical battle.

I know I am self-deprecating. But if I had stayed fit, I fancy myself against any of these. I really do. In terms of being all-round. Attacking wise, Trent [Alexander-Arnold] is next level. Not the modern day full-back. I could never go and do what Trent does, not a chance.

AS: He's at 10. If he hadn't had so many injuries he would have been right up there...

MR: In terms of weaknesses I didn't know the position well enough. I played 20 odd games there before England. Because I was always changing, football is all about timing. I used my pace and strength to get me out of trouble. I was blagging it but, because I was playing with great players for England, you get away with it. I was playing well for Man City but, if you look back at the games, you [criticise yourself]. I think [Roberto] Mancini, tactically, he knew how to get the best out of me.

When we won the league, I played a vital part in that season because I had learned. Then I got injured. I wish I had more time to show what I could do. I feel like I was robbed. I was professional, but I used to love a drink back then and I was out every single week. I wouldn't change anything. You can't look back, can you? I was always professional, but maybe I would curb the drinking and going out.

Lineker was joined by Shearer and Richards on the latest MOTD podcast.

AS: Because of his injuries [at number 10] When you did come on to the scene, I remember doing that England game with Gary and [Alan] Hansen. It was like; 'Jesus Christ, who is this guy'? It was. Unfortunately you are going to get injuries. Apart from being late on his England debut [he was professional].

Kyle Walker

GL: What a career he has had. He was a brilliant player at Tottenham and has always been unbelievably quick. But when City bought him, Pep [Guardiola] has improved him and he's still going strong.

MR: When you talk about improvement. People question that if he didn't have pace, but he has got pace and Kyle knows how to use it. He's consistent, though. I know over the years he has made a few mistakes, which people do tend to hang on to. In terms of consistency and improvement, he's got medals now. I don't think he's as good going forward as Trent, but that's pretty much impossible. Walker can defend, as well, you can put him into a back-three. He's got everything. It's a fear factor when you're a winger. What are you supposed to do? People hate playing him, he's got stronger and he's still as fit as he was when he was younger.

AS: He was justified in what I did. I wouldn't argue with anything that Micah has said. It's a huge asset his pace, you see him recovering, getting back and making tackles.

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