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Lib Dems ridiculed as Ed Davey suggests paying youth to get vaccinated ‘Totally unfair!'

Vaccine passports are 'the wrong approach' says Davey

Sir Ed Davey appeared on LBC and suggested the UK should copy US President Joe Biden's plan to award $100 of state funding to those who come forward and receive the coronavirus vaccine. The Liberal Democrat leader said it would quickly solve the issue of young people not coming forward in the UK but host Iain Dale pointed out the proposal would be drastically unfair to those who already have theirs. Listeners also attacked the proposal with some stating the "irresponsible" should not be awarded but instead punished for not getting the jab.

Appearing on LBC, Sir Ed discussed the vaccine programme as figures show 60 percent of 18-25-year-olds have come forward to receive their first jab. 

There are concerns many are deliberately choosing not to get the vaccine with the Department of Health warning more young people are arriving in ICU wards with COVID-19.

Sir Ed looked across the pond for inspiration and told LBC: "The real problem is young people, for lots of reasons, haven't been as vaccinated as other people.

"The proportion of young people and particularly young men who've been vaccinated is very low and it looks like the government in order to tackle that problem are going to force people to be vaccinated if they want to go to a nightclub."

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Ed Davey

Ed Davey wanted to see incentivisations for young people to get the vaccine (Image: LBC)

Iain Dale

Iain Dale pointed out the holes in Sir Ed's argument (Image: LBC)

"I just think that's the wrong approach and what Liberal Democrats want is an approach which incentivizes people by giving them the correct information in the first place and then making it easier for young people to be vaccinated.

"Look at what President Biden's doing, he's taking on incentivizing approaches and urging people to across the United States to get young people [vaccinated] by incentivizing them - should we not look at that?"

President Joe Biden has urged local and state governments across America to introduce cash incentives to encourage people to come forward to get their vaccine. 

Pilots have been run in Ohio and Colorado which proved relatively successful with an $100 award given to those who visit vaccination centres. 

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Authorities are worried as vaccine rates among the young are much lower than expected (Image: Getty)

But the plan was not taken well by Mr Dale who pointed out the scheme was "unfair" to anyone who already had a vaccine. 

Listeners also commented below and attacked the plan.

One wrote: "What utter nonsense... It's called personal responsibility and we should not be rewarding those who lack that. Reward those that do by allowing them access to the venues they enjoy and exclude the others."

Another added: "Why should the sensible ones that have already been jabbed lose out which the irresponsible get a reward?"

When pressed for a response, Sir Ed avoided the question by saying it may not be the right route but the incentivisation idea is one that should be explored. 


UK coronavirus stats

UK coronavirus stats (Image:

He added: "I think we should be looking at role models, I was really pleased when Gareth Southgate went on to YouTube and urged young people to vaccinate - that's the sort of thing we should be doing and encouraging people with role models."

The UK government has proposed several ideas to encourage vaccine uptake among young people such as vaccine passports to attend enclosed crowded places like nightclubs and lecture theatres.

While the latter has been dropped only a few days after it was proposed, the nightclub plans appear to still be going ahead with double vaccinated people only allowed in nightclubs from September. 

The Government has confirmed the documentation will not be used for places like pubs or public transport but nightlife bosses have attacked the idea over fears it will financially cripple them.

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