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Liam Gallagher moves out of posh London pad after boozy bust-ups at local pub and infuriating neighbours

LIAM Gallagher has quit his posh pad just over a year after moving in following furious bust-ups at his local pub.

The Sun revealed in July 2018 that the loudmouth ex-Oasis singer infuriated his neighbours after moving into the £2.1million house in Highgate, North London, by yelling they were “prats”.

And sources say he is now quitting the neighbourhood after his boozy antics in The Prince of Wales made him even more unpopular.

They claim the rocker has been repeatedly told off for disturbing the peace at the pub.

A source told me: “Neighbours hoped initially they’d got off on the wrong foot and things would improve as people got used to Liam living here. But as time went on, he got into more and more rows.

“His favourite pub to drink in was The Prince of Wales and he’s been thrown out numerous times. Now it seems he’s finally had enough and has decided to move on.”

One memorable spat two years ago, before Liam moved into his latest Highgate home, involved him fighting with his brother Paul in the pub’s bar.

And in September he and fiancée Debbie Gwyther were kicked out after she clashed with two women in the toilets, before rowing outside.

The argument, which was said to have sparked a lot of “screaming, shouting and swearing”, only ended when Liam was swiftly bundled away by some pals.

Sources later claimed he had been hassled by fellow drinkers while trying to keep a low profile.

But the circumstances don’t seem to have helped much when it comes to his neighbours.

And now that relations with the locals are even frostier, Liam and Debbie have decided to up sticks and move to nearby North London suburb Muswell Hill.

Our exclusive pictures — taken this week — show removal workers ferrying the couple’s possessions into a lorry to be transferred to their new property.

Let’s hope they get a warmer welcome in their new pad.

Meanwhile, Liam’s brother Noel Gallagher was getting in the Christmas spirit on Friday night as he hosted a festive do at Mayfair restaurant Scott’s.

He, wife Sara MacDonald and Poppy Delevingne then piled into a cab to carry on the evening at Chiltern Firehouse.

No sign of Liam of course — but at this stage that’s hardly a big surprise.


Kate date is booked out

KATE Moss had a secret date with top Hollywood producer Brian Grazer, I can reveal.

Oscar-winner Brian, who is worth an estimated £300million, has worked on films such as Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind.

A press release for his book Face To Face had promised to lift the lid on an “unexpected” liaison with Croydon-born Kate.

It read: “Face To Face takes readers through moments like a surprise date with supermodel Kate Moss.”

But the final book bears no mention of Kate at all.

Sources said last night the details might have been left out to avoid upsetting Brian’s wife.

One said: “Brian’s intention was to include details of his time with Kate, but changed his mind at the last minute.

“The suggestion was that perhaps his wife would not be best pleased.”

He married fourth wife Veronica Smiley in 2016.

Publisher Simon and Schuster said: “Changes are often made as part of the editorial process.”

Una's red hot

UNA Healy is really taking the plunge in this festive red dress.

The former Saturdays beauty is about to release her new track, Wild Grasses, on Boxing Day.

She said: “It’s a very comforting song for anyone who has lost someone to know that their spirit will always be there with them.”

Jayne's facing spine op

ICE-SKATING legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have years of experience – and it seems to be taking its toll.

At the launch of the latest series of Dancing On Ice, which starts on January 5, the pair revealed they are plagued by injury after training for so long on the rink.

And while Chris under-went surgery four months ago, Jayne is putting off surgery for a cyst on her spine until after the skating show finishes next year.

She said: “When it’s bad, it’s bad. Touch wood, at the moment it’s under control. But surgery is in my future.”

Shirley a goof

SHIRLEY Ballas says her boyfriend had no idea who she was before they met – and was expecting Shirley Bassey.

Stage and TV actor Danny Taylor had never seen Strictly when he signed for the same panto as her and thought his co-star was the singing legend.

The Strictly judge told a magazine: “Danny met me and didn’t have a clue who I was.

"He thought his leading lady was going to be Shirley Bassey.

“And I couldn’t remember his name, so I put him in my phone as Fleshcreep – the character he was playing.”

Jamie's new menu

JAMIE Oliver has revealed sex is off the menu now his family is complete – and he keeps wife Jools happy in other ways.

The TV chef and dad of five said: “Friday night I make my missus a curry and she has a foot massage.

"In the Oliver household I used to have a little cuddle, and those cuddles turned into five children.

“I like to keep my wife happy and if a curry does it, and a foot massage, then I’m all over that.”

Idris wants Swift show

IDRIS Elba is planning to join Cats co-star and pal Taylor Swift for a live performance.

The Luther actor, who is also a DJ, said: “I’ve known Taylor a few years. People see the album sales, the awards. What they don’t see is the hard work.

“She is an incredibly hard-working person, she isn’t resting on her achievements.

“To perform live with her would be fun and hopefully we can make that happen.”

Idris, who is tipped as the next James Bond, said he and Judi Dench had chatted about the role while working together on Cats, adding: “She was very complimentary.”

Gemma's feeling icy

“I can’t even remember his last name, so . . . ”

Gemma Collins on TV rival and former Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner.

Rita: Isle need a hol

RITA Ora is taking a cheeky break after such a hectic year, posing on Caribbean island St Barts.

She said on Instagram: “Holiday starts now.

"2019, it’s been . . . busy.”

Sounds like Rita is due a rest.

I hope someone in paradise has a mince pie for her.

Jack-ing up prices

JACK Whitehall is raking in thousands by charging fans up to £200 to meet him on tour.

Hundreds of guests are introduced to the comic as part of a £175 VIP package at his Stood Up shows, which began in November.

With 50 deals available for each gig, the extra earner is worth more than £200,000. And packages sold for up to £197.25 at some venues means the haul could be even greater.

Fans get their VIP ticket and a bag of merchandise as well as the opportunity to have photos taken with the comedian.

Jack’s deals mean he joins stars such as Shawn Mendes and Mariah Carey, who also have people forking out to meet them. But I’m pretty sure he’ll be funnier.

Liam Gallagher reveals he used to wind up neighbour Jamie Oliver so much he moved house