I found it refreshing to read the article (LT 10.04.21) which informed readers that Covid vaccinations will be offered at the Masjid E Saliheen Mosque in Blackburn.

Clearly my published letter of 20.02.21 suggesting such action as one of the ways we will eradicate the curse of Covid in the light of the reluctance and lack of uptake by the ethnic minorities in our town for cultural reasons was heeded.

As I pointed out when I stood in a queue of 150 for my vaccine at the Cathedral there was not a person of colour in sight.

This disturbed me but I do believe the use of mosques will instil confidence and encourage all our South Asian friends to be vaccinated and protect not simply themselves but others they come into contact with.

This is certainly the way forward and I feel a sense of satisfaction that Dominic Harrison and his public health team have listened to my words. I feel I might have achieved something at last!

Jim Oldcorn