Great Britain

Let’s not let new freedoms go to our heads when we’re allowed to meet up with loved ones again

The joy of six

IT’S taken ten gruelling weeks. But at last, there’s GOOD news for the millions of Brits longing to see their loved ones.

From Monday, the Prime Minister has deemed it safe for us to meet up to six friends and relatives at a time — provided we follow social distancing rules and stay outdoors.

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It means grandparents will soon be allowed to see their beloved grand- children again. Hard-working parents will be able to call on extended family for childcare help.

And young people starved of social contact can meet in the park for a picnic.

Thanks to the phenomenal efforts of Brits up and down the country, we have protected the NHS, saved lives, and passed the first peak of the virus.

Which is why our cherished liberties are now being returned to us, albeit slowly.

Now, we must do everything in our power to avoid a second wave.

Let’s not let the new freedoms go to our heads.

Track and race

IT’S clear that track and trace is key to beating this virus.

South Korea — which tracked and traced properly from the start — recently had an outbreak caused by one man going to a series of nightclubs.

The incident could have led to a second peak. But contact-tracers found more than 5,000 individuals and managed to isolate more than 30 people infected by the super-spreader. Which is why the Government must iron out the wrinkles in our programme NOW.

Yes, getting the system up and running from a standing start has been a challenge. We know that Asian countries — which learnt how to track and trace during the Sars and Mers epidemics — were at an advantage.

But surely the best minds in this country are capable of developing glitch-free software.

And is it too much to ask that our tracers are given rigorous training before they take our lives in their hands?

Sanctuary UK

WE welcome news that the Government will allow British National residents of Hong Kong to stay in Britain for a year if Beijing goes ahead with its proposed new sanctions on anti-government protests.

When the UK handed Hong Kong to the Chinese, Beijing promised “one country, two systems” with genuine democracy. But these promises were broken long ago.

Now, pro-democracy, anti-Beijing protesters are openly manhandled by police on the streets of the city.

It is absolutely right that we give these British passport-holders sanctuary.

Welcoming them will prove that post-Brexit Britain is a truly global country.

Boris Johnson says he doesn't want people to stay overnight at homes of family and friends under relaxation of coronavirus lockdown measures

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