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Leeds sign winger Jack Harrison on loan from Man City for third year in a row ahead of Premier League return

LEEDS have signed Jack Harrison on loan from Manchester City for THIRD straight year ahead of their Premier League return.

The former England Under-21s star has already spent 2017-18 and 2018-19 at Elland Road.

Harrison, 23, was a huge part of the squad who finally earned promotion back to the Premier League, playing all 46 Championship games last term.

And he seemed thrilled to be back at Leeds for a third spell, saying: "It's is a great feeling to come back to where I have been settled.

"It's been a great learning experience in all aspects and I can only thank Marcelo Bielsa enough for that."

He later tweeted: "Deja Vu! Back again and can’t wait to get the season going."

And Harrison continued by speaking of his joy at being able to play under Bielsa.

He told the BBC: "He's a very demanding manager but as players we know it will be good for you in the end.

"We know that and have to follow his lead.

"We have to continue to buy into it and follow it and hopefully we will do well next year in the Premier League.

"When I first came to Leeds it was just kind of realising the pressures that come with playing for a huge club and what it means to the fans.

"Learning to play at a high level consistently - I don't think anyone can tell you it's easy playing for Marcelo.

"But if you do what he asks you can improve yourself as a player and come out better."

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