Lags hooked on drugs could be forced to go cold turkey in a bid to break their addiction.

New plans have been drawn up over fears treatments like methadone leave off-enders “indefinitely” reliant on the drug.

The 12-week Forward Trust programmes aim to keep lags clean with therapy and AA-style sessions in drug-free wings.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab will lay out the reform in a white paper next week.

He said: “Methadone is harder to get off than heroin. It is more addictive than heroin. If they are staying on it indefinitely, how much is that driving towards recovery? We want a better balance.”

methadone drug
The reform will be announced next week

Addicted women prisoners on “abstinence” programmes were found to be 40% less likely to re-offend, according to Ministry of Justice research.

Last year, inmates were caught smuggling the mind-bending drug spice into their cells by having it sprayed on to undies.

They are then cut up and smoked by inmates.

A source inside Doncaster prison, South Yorks, told us: “They’re bringing it in sprayed in boxer shorts and smoking the thread.

“If there’s no Rizlas they use the paper hats the kitchen staff wear.”

The trick is exposed as we can reveal how a prisoner died of an alleged spice overdose at the same jail a few hours before he was due to be released.

John Taylor, 35, is believed to have taken the zombie drug mixed with lethal fentanyl. He was found in his cell after another prisoner raised the alarm.

Taylor was due to be released last Monday after serving half of a 12-month stretch for attacking his grandfather while high. An insider at the privately-run jail said staff fear there will be more deaths involving spice mixed with opioids.

The toxic cocktail has been dubbed “man down”.

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