Ed Miliband has unveiled Labour’s decade-long, £3bn to transform Britain’s steel industry. 

The shadow business secretary said a future Labour government would revive British manufacturing by supporting it to decarbonise.

He pointed to similar plans unveiled by US president Joe Biden which are designed to future-proof heavy industry while meeting climate targets.

Mr Miliband said the party would deliver on a green new deal but moved to assure unions the transition to a cleaner economy would not mean the decline of manufacturing jobs.

He said: ‘About workers in oil and gas. Let me say to those people, including in this hall, I get your worries. I grew up in the 1980s. I am an MP in Doncaster. A former mining constituency.

‘We remember what the Tories did. I know our responsibility – this climate transition must leave no worker, no family, no community behind.’

He also took aim at Boris Johnson’s remarks in August that Margaret Thatcher closing the mines aided in lowering carbon emissions, saying: ‘Let’s lay to rest the idea that these Tories can somehow manage a just or fair green transition. 

‘A couple of months back, Boris Johnson was challenged on Tory credentials on climate change.

‘He joked that Mrs Thatcher closed the pits and gave us a head start. This guy laughing about people losing their jobs, communities losing their lifeblood, generations losing hope. How dare he?’

Mr Miliband also said the gas price crisis which will see household bills rise across the country is a ‘disaster made in Downing Street’.

Keir Starmer has ruled out nationalising the UK’s largest energy firms in a major departure from the leadership of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

But the current party leader did not exclude the possibility of another form of ‘common ownership’ of the Big Six companies if he became prime minister, as a crisis of spiralling bills looms.

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