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Khabib now among UFC’s biggest stars, but Conor McGregor remains top with more YouTube views, Insta followers and PPVs

KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV has blossomed into one of UFC’s biggest stars in recent years.

However, it's clear Khabib is nowhere near in Conor McGregor's league - still top in all but ONE measure of popularity.

On Khabib - set to take on Justin Gaethje this weekend - White claimed: “He’s one of the biggest stars in the sport.

“Khabib’s videos have generated 222million views.

"His content that features him, over 100m video views just this year alone, just on Facebook.

"He’s broken records on Instagram... I could just rattle off numbers all day.

"He’s by far the No1 most-played character in the video game globally... by a long shot.

“The numbers just go on and on. I could go on for days. The kid’s broken a lot of records.”

But McGregor - set to take on Dustin Poirier in his comeback fight - comes out on top in nearly every measure of popularity.

In fact, when you look at all the numbers - as White put it - Khabib only comes out trumps on the video game front.

In every other category, McGregor smashes the Russian MMA star - by a considerable margin, too.

Notorious has 37m Instagram followers, to Khabib's 22m.

The Irishman has nearly EIGHT TIMES more fans on Twitter too, with 8.3m compared to Kbabib's 1.1m.

McGregor's 'top finishes' videos have also gained more views at 23m to the Russian's 15m.

The Irish ace has FIVE videos in the UFC channel's top 20, compared to his rival's three.

Notorious also has five of the top ten PPV fights of all time - with Khabib languishing on one... his 2018 clash with McGregor at UFC 229.

In fact, the only category in which Khabib comes out on top is in the form of a video game - with the Russian the most-used fighter.

Khabib may be one of UFC's biggest stars... but he's got a way to go to get ahead of McGregor.

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