Kevin Nolan has leaped to the defence of Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce, insisting the club's new owners have been right to retain the 60-year-old.

Despite intense speculation regarding his future, Bruce will be in the dugout for his 1,000th game in management when the Magpies take on Tottenham Hotspur.

Nolan, who represented the Newcastle as a player between 2009 and 2011, has claimed his former employers have made the correct decision in not immediately pulling the trigger.

Speaking on 5 Live Sport's 'The Friday Football Social', he said: "Everyone's saying 'sack him', 'bring this manager in', there's so much speculation surrounding it all. I don't think they realised they were going to get it as quickly as they got it, so they haven't had a knee-jerk reaction to that and what everyone is expecting or wanting.

"What they've done is they've been very clever, they've taken a deep breath, they've sat back and thought 'what's the best thing for the club at this moment in time?', and I totally agree that Steve Bruce is right for Newcastle at this time.

"Whether he is in the next two or three weeks when they start getting a grip of the club and what they want to do and where they want to go, whether they want to speak to other people is another thing, but for this moment, Steve Bruce, it's the correct decision to keep him in charge."

All eyes were on Bruce at his pre-match press conference, which he used as an opportunity to hit out at reports which had claimed he was set to be dismissed.

Nolan admitted he was glad that the Magpies boss had his say, claiming treatment towards him has been 'a bit disrespectful'.

He said: "Let's not be funny, Steve Bruce is taking charge of his 1,000th game.

"It has been a bit disrespectful to someone who's been such a top figure in the English game for a long, long time, being a player and then also going on to be a manager and doing a fantastic job of both.

"I've been a bit upset at how he's been treated by the media, by a certain few people, but I think he's come out of it with a load of dignity and he's come out with lots of pats on the back from people who are in football. It just looks great how he's handled it.

"He's kept them up, and he's kept them up quite comfortably. This is a team who hasn't really had much money spent on them. Mike's (Ashley) been really diligent in what he's done so for me, it would have been really silly of the owners to do that and I think they've got it right."