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Kelly Clarkson’s ex Brandon Blackstock ‘demands $5.2 MILLION a year in support’ as she calls his request ‘unreasonable’

KELLY Clarkson's ex Brandon Blackstock "demanded $5.2 MILLION a year in spousal support" as she calls his request "unreasonable."

The singer recently won temporary primary custody of the two kids she shares with the talent manager.

A source close to the former couple told PEOPLE that Brandon, 43, is seeking $436,000 in monthly spousal and child support.

The source said: "Brandon's been equally unreasonable in his requests for child and spousal support, as well as attorney fees.

"Kelly's offered to pay for all the kids' expenses, but Brandon seems to think he is entitled to and needs $301K in spousal support and $135K in child support per month."

If Bandon's request is approved, he'd receive more than $5.2 million per year.

"Additionally, he's already asked for $2M for attorney fees when he's the one driving up the cost of the divorce with seven attorneys just representing him alone," the source added.

This new update in their divorce proceeding comes after the singer, 38, won custody of her two kids: River Rose, 6, and Remington Alexander, 4.

A court document read: "The Court finds that under the circumstances present in this case, the interest in providing stability and continuity for the minor children weighs in favor of Petitioner having primary custody."

The doc also noted that "the level of conflict between the parents has increased. The parties have a difficult time co-parenting due to issues of trust between them."

According to the court document, Kelly and Brandon will share joint physical and legal custody, but the American Idol alum will have primary physical custody in Los Angeles.

Brandon will still be able to video chat with his two little ones every day.

The doc revealed that the children will be able to spend Christmas with their dad, but they will be with their mom through the New Year's holiday.

When the hitmaker filed for divorce in the summer, she also asked for joint physical and legal custody of their children.

Brandon also has two kids, Savannah, 18, and Seth, 13, from a previous relationship.

Kelly has been fairly open about the split since it was announced back in June, as she has referenced it a few times.

She previously spoke about her divorce fallout, telling Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY: "I mean, it's no secret. My life has been a little bit of a dumpster … personally, it's been a little hard the last couple months.

"I've been talking to friends that have been through divorce. I don't know how people go through that without having some kind of outlet because it is the worst thing ever for everyone involved."

More recently, Kelly hinted at a reason behind the breakup as she revealed that her mother Jeanne gave her some advice that she's kept in mind amid the downfall of her marriage.

The host said: "My mom has been telling me since I was a kid: You are who you surround yourself with.

"You want to make sure you're surrounded by people that also want to be the best versions of themselves and also want a good common goal for everyone, not just themselves, right?"

She added: "People, like, could be bad for you in a certain time. And I think that everybody just goes, 'Oh, well that means they're bad.' Well it doesn't necessarily mean that, it just means that you're on different paths. And I think that that's okay.

"Everybody's on a different learning curve."

While Kelly has put one court issue behind her, she is in the middle of another as Brandon's father's company sued her for $1.4m.

They claimed she had not yet paid the full commission this year for her work on The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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