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Katie Price cuts ties with fraudster aide who tried making thousands using her son Harvey

KATIE Price has cut ties with a fraudster aide who tried to make thousands using her disabled son Harvey.

According to reports, James Austin touted himself as the 18-year-old's promoter on social media - and tried to claim hefty invoices from unsuspecting firms.

The Mirror report that Austin sent online company Memmo a bill for £3,750 under the claim that Harvey - who is blind and autistic - would film exclusive videos for Katie's fans.

The furious 42-year-old star posted a now-deleted video to her Instagram Story exposing Austin, warning that she "wouldn't touch him with a bargepole".

She ranted: "If he approaches you to do posts for me it’s not legit."

A rep for the star confirmed that Katie is the only person to manage Harvey's career deals.

She only learned of Austin's claims about Harvey when Memmo bosses approached her management, with Katie adding to Mirror: "I’ve removed a lot of people out of my life. I only like positiveness around me – no negativity to bring me down or do me wrong."

But Austin hit back, insisting to the publication that he and the former glamour model are still on good terms and have upcoming work commitments together.

He added that Katie, Carl, and Harvey were all aware of the Memmo deal, going on: "I only entertain work for her when she tells me to, and she told me to get her and Harvey work for messaging platforms."

There are currently still posts live on Austin's Lucky7 PR Instagram page that promotes their relationship with Harvey as well as Katie and her fiance Carl Woods.

The most recent post about Harvey, who they refer to as "our guy", was shared a month ago, and tells followers: "To Collaborate with Harvey Price please Email [email protected] or Drop us a DM".

In 2008, Austin was convicted for fraud after using his grandparents' name to bag tens of thousands of pounds.

He was later jailed for two years in 2012 after being embroiled in another fraud scandal at Royal Ascot.

Katie Price praises 'brave' son Harvey as he gets teeth cleaned at the dentist and she reveals he's lost a stone

Back in March, Austin was caught up in another situation relating to Katie when the star was accused of breaking a deal to plug a competition on Instagram.

Debbie Sugrue claimed she and Carl agreed to promote a competition but left her £40,000 out of pocket when they shared the posts late - reducing the amount of entries.

The businesswoman said at the time that she pursued the couple through Austin and he is the one who struck a deal with her marketing firm, Giveaway Collaborations International.

Debbie said she paid Lucky7 PR a fee of £3,950 - and that she intended to take legal action against him.

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