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Katie Piper reveals running saved her from ‘moments of anxiety and depression’ in lockdown

KATIE Piper has opened up about her lockdown life revealing that running saved her from “moments of anxiety and depression”.

The TV presenter, 36, also spoke about her reconstructive skin graft describing it as “difficult” saying that she has not fully recovered yet.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Katie opened up about the difficulties she faced during lockdown including "moments of anxiety and depression".

She said: “When lockdown first happened, I was looking for structure and routine. And like everybody, I sometimes felt anxious and depressed and had moments of real uncertainty.

“One of the positives of lockdown was that we had all this time on our hands. In the past I really loved running, although I wasn’t the fittest, I liked the mental health benefits.”

Following her horrific acid attack in 2008, Katie endured years of operations – she was left with major burns and blind in one eye.

Katie underwent reconstructive eye surgery last month explaining that she had scar tissue removed from her left eyelid and skin taken from the inside of her upper arm to build a new lid.

The TV star said: “It’s been difficult because it’s not cosmetic where it just heals and it looks nice; it’s more functional and reconstructive.

“It hasn’t gone wrong and it hasn’t been infected but it’s quite a big thing to have a graft on your face.

"It’s not too bad, all my stitches are gone, I am able to read and go running.

“I think I found it harder when I couldn’t exercise. I’m trying to learn how to move the lid and open the eye fully; I’m not quite there yet.”

The mum-of-two continued: “I was in a lot of pain before, the pain was caused by the old eyelid that had shrunk which meant the lid could not close properly.

"I would always wake up with a bloodshot eye and lots of infections in the eye; with burn survivors you’ll always need on-going stuff.”

After undergoing a number of surgeries in the past, Katie says that she understands how important the NHS is not just from her own personal experience but also with the recent impacts of coronavirus.

She penned an emotional tribute to the hard working NHS staff who transformed following a horrific acid attack in 12 years ago.

The TV star said: “I thought about the NHS because of my own experience, when everyone was panic stricken they got up and went to work.

"We shouldn’t criticise the NHS. I think the clapping was really important, it was like people really understood them.”

Katie has kept incredibly busy during lockdown, her podcast Extraordinary People became a hit during quarantine with guests like Michelle Visage, Matt Willis and Jacqueline Jossa.

She admits that she would be approached by people in the street and share her own personal stories, so wanted to create a podcast that would inspire others.

The TV host said: “The project started way before coronavirus, but in lockdown people had more of an appetite for positive content.

“Some of them had these amazing moments of adversity that allowed them to triumph in life, I thought for all the other people that are in this hopeless place that feel so dark, if they could hear these stories that really inspire them.”

Katie, who is a trained beauty therapist and the face of Pantene, is known for staying glamorous, but she admits that lockdown was quite different.

She laughed: “I definitely wasn’t always glamorous in lockdown. I love to have a blow dry and love to wear a nice outfit but it’s nice having the contrast.

"I couldn’t be one of those people that is constantly manicured and looks nice all the time – I couldn’t keep up.”

Katie now fronts a new series on ITV’s Lorraine called Reset, Go which looks at how lockdown has changed people’s lives for the better, whether that be a new relationship, a new job or a new start altogether.

The Strictly star admits that after years of battling with her own depression and anxiety, she wants to remind people with and without scars to love themselves a little more.

She said: “It’s the invisible scars that are the hardest to deal, those that carry emotional and psychological scars.

“I don’t think you can make anyone feel beautiful. I think it’s an individual personal thing and it’s a state of mind.”

The Strictly star said that beauty is a feeling rather than an appearance, adding: “I think often it’s an opinion and a perception. I think it’s about not seeking the opinions of others and not living your life for other people’s approval or gratification.

"If you have a life changing event it’s about finding things you are passionate about and finding your purpose that gives you confidence, happiness, consistency and stability.”

After finding love in 2012 with partner Richard Sutton, Katie admits that everyone faces difficulties when it comes to finding love, she said: “No matter what you look like whether you have burns or scars or whether you don’t have a mark on you, I think love is a challenge for everybody.

"Some may find it easy to meet a partner but still it’s hard to maintain a partner.”

The pair met through mutual friends and married in 2015 - they share two daughters Penelope, two and Belle, six.

Speaking about extending their family, the couple have decided to put the brakes on having more kids at the moment.

Katie said: “My husband is very family orientated so we have that in common, for me I got to a stage, I had everything I need and what only could fulfil me would be becoming a mum and that’s the only way I can describe it – it was such an unknown fulfilment.

“I would say I would have another baby and he would say he would not have another baby.”

Katie leads an incredibly busy life with various projects that she runs including The Katie Piper Foundation but she confessed that she will find time to tune into the new series of Strictly Come Dancing.

She admitted that it was fun to dress up in all the glitzy and glamorous outfits when she appeared in 2018, paired with professional dancer Gorka Marquez.

Katie admitted that it was exciting to do a job that was fun as some of her documentaries can be quite serious.

Katie has now teased that she would be keen to host her own TV show one day, she said: “I have my own clothing range and I work within the beauty industry. Just like any woman I love make-up.”

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