Kate Garraway and Susanna Reid came under fire from some Good Morning Britain on Monday for what they branded 'disrespectful' outfits.

While their rivals on BBC Breakfast opted to wear black. just like others on the channel have done since the death of Prince Philip on Friday, Susanna and Kate went for colourful ensembles as they hosted GMB together, with Susanna in purple and Kate in blue.

The pair devoted plenty of Monday's GMB to talk about the Duke of Edinburgh's passing, but the fact that they didn't wear black in respect to him did not sit well with some people watching at home.

One took to Twitter to blast: "Disgusting that Kate and Susanna are not dressed in black like other news presenters. Show some respect."

Echoing those sentiments, another tweeted: "Why are your presenters not wearing black? Whilst I do like Kate ( you chose Susanna over her, not a good move back then) i cannot watch anymore & seeing this lack of respect," and a third posted: "Why is (sic) Susanna and Kate show no respect. We are a country in mourning. Every other news station , the presenters are wearing black"

Others took aim at those condemning the hosts' clothes, with one reacting: "imagine getting annoyed about Kate Garraway not wearing black on GMB - maybe she doesn't want to have death on her mind given that her husband's been seriously ill for the past year? or maybe her and Susanna just didn't want to for whatever reason, i mean get a grip!"

And others went a step further by championing Susanna and Kate as 'the perfect combination' of presenters, after a month of various line-ups following Piers Morgan's headline-hitting departure.

One obvious fan tweeted: "Its been a great GMB this morning with Susanna and Kate presenting together, truly has," and a third reacted: "Great to see the Beautiful Susanna Reid back on gmb today I have so missed her. Along with Kate Garraway bringing us a brilliant show."