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Kanye West files SECOND set of Federal Election Commission documents needed for presidential run

KANYE West on Thursday filed a second set of documents needed to run against Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the race to take over the White House.

The rapper, 43, filed a Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), showing he's spent or raised more than $5,000 related to his campaign, according to TMZ.

The second set of paperwork filed gives him official candidacy status.

The party is listed as "BDY," which in an interview with Forbes magazine last week, West said it stood for Birthday Party “because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.”

West listed his home as Cody, Wyoming, where he and wife Kim Kardashian own a huge property worth $14million.

On Wednesday, West filed the first form required by the FEC — a Statement of Organization — declaring that the Kanye 2020 committee will serve as the “Principal Campaign Committee” with West as its candidate.

The filings come on the heels of reports that West was dropping out of the race just 10 days after making the surprise announcement on Twitter on July 4.

According to reports, West hired a campaign staff who tried to get him on the ballot as a third-party candidate in the key background state.

West is said to be serious about running, as he hired election strategist Steve Kramer, and had a team of 180 people working on the ground in Florida.

He started to get his name on the ballot last week as a third-party candidate to mount a challenge to Trump and his presumptive Democratic rival, Biden.

“We had overwhelming support to get him on the ballot,” Kramer told New York Magazine. “Whether anybody is going to vote for him or not is up to them."

When asked by the magazine on Wednesday about West’s presidential bid Kramer said, “He’s out.”

Asked why West was abandoning his presidential bid, Kramer said, “I’ll let you know what I know once I get all our stuff canceled. We had over 180 people out there today.”

But as of Wednesday, West filed the necessary paperwork and paid the $35,000 filing to appear on Oklahoma's ballot.

West told Forbes that he, who once praised Trump and said the two share “dragon energy,” was “taking the red hat off” — a reference to Trump’s trademark red “Make America Great Again” hat.

Kanye West claims he’s ‘running for president’ as Mark Cuban and Elon Musk give him ‘full support’

West, who said that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, said he planned to model his White House on the fictional land in “Black Panther” if he won the presidency, adding: “Let’s get back to Wakanda.”

Forbes said they spoke to West during “four rambling hours of interviews.”

West often referred to himself in the third person and claimed he was “one of the most powerful humans," but said there were “a lot of alien level superpowers.”

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