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Johnny Depp ‘grabbed Amber Heard by the hair & hurled magnum of champagne’ after discovering he’d lost $650million

JOHNNY Depp allegedly grabbed Amber Heard by the hair and chucked a magnum of champagne at her when he discovered he lost $650million.

The Hollywood star, 57, is accused of attacking Heard, 34, when she complained about him showing up late to her 30th birthday bash.

Depp allegedly hurled the bottle, grabbed her hair and threw her on their bed, before leaving a note saying “Happy f***ing birthday” in April 2016.

But giving evidence at the High Court today, the actor claims the couple rowed when he discovered he had lost $650million (£515million) in an "unpleasant and ugly" business meeting.

Depp said: "I was in the early stage of learning from my recently acquired new business manager that the former business managers had (taken) quite a lot of my money. They had stolen my money."

The court was told Depp raked in the "ludicrous" amount of £510million since starring in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3.

The High Court heard today:

Referring to his business managers, he added: "When I sacked them, for the right reasons, I had not only lost 650 million dollars, but I was 100 million dollars in the hole because they (the previous business managers) had not paid the government my taxes for 17 years."

Depp's fortune at the time of divorcing Heard was given as £317million - but the couple didn't sign a pre-nuptial agreement before they wed in February 2015.

She was awarded a £5.5million divorce settlement, which she donated to charity after accusing Depp of abuse.

The court was previously told Heard "raised the issue" of Depp being late to her birthday at their LA mansion when he "became angry".

Sasha Wass QC said of the April 2016 incident: "You were very near a magnum bottle of champagne.

“You picked up the bottle and threw it at her but it missed and glass smashed. That’s how you express yourself when you’re angry — you smash things.

“You grabbed her by the hair and pushed her on the bed.

“You blocked the door when she tried to leave and grabbed her hair and pushed her to the ground. You bumped her chest.”

But Depp claimed Ms Heard had attacked him — before leaving a poo in his bed.

The Edward Scissorhands star today finished giving evidence after a mammoth 23 hours on the stand.

He today told the court Heard was instead the aggressor and spoke of a "secret" recording of the pair talking in July 2016 where the actor is heard telling his ex "you f***ing haymakered me, man"'.

Depp also says "you came around the bed to f start punching on me" in the exchange.

When asked a "haymaker" was, Depp replied: "It's just a type of wild swinging… kind of a roundhouse punch, as it were. It's a bit of a wild swing, but effective if it reaches the target."

Depp is accused of attacking Heard 14 times over three years - starting in 2013 when she mocked his "Wino Forever" tattoo that had been changed from "Winona Forever".

Among the explosive claims heard in court so far are allegations threw a phone at her as they argued the day after poo was found in their marital bed.

He is then said to have left her with bruises after another string of attacks before they split in May 2016.

In one, he allegedly chucked a bottle of champagne at Heard during her 30th birthday celebrations in April 2016.

And in a disturbing exchange played to the court, Depp can be heard telling his wife to "cut" him as he held a knife".

Depp has also been accused of turning his "rage and frustration" on Heard, 34, when he "failed to control" his drug and alcohol abuse.

He "descended into physically destructive behaviour" - causing him to refer to his "drunken and violent persona as 'the monster'", it was said.

The High Court last week heard allegations including:

But in a series of explosive revelations Depp has made so far during evidence, the star branded Heard's abuse allegations "complete lies".

And he called his ex-wife “calculating, sociopathic and emotionally dishonest” as he lifted the lid on their tumultuous relationship.

Depp told the court Heard severed his finger during a trip to Australia in 2015 by throwing a vodka bottle at him and accused her of repeatedly punching him in the face.

He has brought separate libel proceedings against Heard in the US.

The couple married in LA in 2015 after meeting on the set of comedy The Rum Diary.

But they divorced two years later after Heard, who donated her £5.5million settlement to charity, accused Depp of abuse.

The case continues.

If you are affected by domestic abuse, please call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247

Shocking moment Johnny Depp 'repeatedly begs Amber Heard to cut him and as he holds knife' and says- 'If you don't, I will'

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