Jim Davidson, unfortunately, represents far too many uneducated and ignorant white people who are in total denial of racism existing in the UK. And the audacity needs to be called out.

Dancer Ashley Banjo challenged Jim Davidson on his abhorrent remarks on Diversity’s Black Lives Matter performance last September in his new ITV documentary Ashley Banjo: Britain In Black And White.

The performance was in support of the protests following the murder of George Floyd, and featured dancers in riot gear and an image of a white man standing on Banjo’s neck. It received over 30,000 complaints to Ofcom, which made it one of the most complained-about moments in UK TV history.

This was followed by vile racist online abuse directed at Banjo, including a YouTube video titled “Who Needs Diversity?” from the stand-up comedian Davidson calling the appearance “ridiculous” and “indulgent”.

But why should my emotions, those of Banjo or of the Black community be invalidated and not taken seriously?

This is coming from an old white man who will never understand the struggles or relate to the hardship that Black people face on a daily basis. Davidson should be able to face up to what he said a year ago after willingly agreeing to be interviewed for the documentary. Say and explain it with your full chest.

Unsurprisingly, he made yet more dangerous and disgraceful remarks in the documentary, showing he still believes in damaging stereotypes that 'other' Black people - despite the nationwide push for education during last year's Black Live Matter protests.

"There are black guys walking around with black stuff. Everyone’s frightened,” he told Ashley.

He even disagreed with the idea that police officers - like those who killed George Floyd in the US - exist in the UK. This is the same criminal justice system which failed Stephen Lawrence and which disproportionately arrests black people, who are also more likely to be stopped and searched. That’s a fact.

Britain is institutionally racist - supported by a social system that puts people from ethnic minorities at a disadvantage. The least racist person is still racist. This is why Ashley's ITV documentary was a great piece that had to be aired to highlight the racism still engulfing us today.

Davidson is not an ally to Black people and never will be. An ally - someone with privilege who seeks to learn about the experiences of a marginalised group and then ultimately empathise with their struggles - would listen and educate themselves on racism and advocate for justice.

Maybe next time he should exit through the right door instead of pathetically trying to escape his own self-inflicted backlash.

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