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Jesy Nelson teases her new single Boyz is about to drop with cryptic post

JESY Nelson has teased her brand new single Boyz is about to drop in a crytpic post to her Instagram following.

The former Little Mix band member took to her social media to suggest "something beginning with B" was on the way in the late night post.

Jesy, 30, delayed her highly-anticipated debut solo single last month, marking her first release since leaving Little Mix last December.

But now the star has teased that it could be released sooner than fans may have anticipated due to her cryptic teaser post on Instagram.

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with..... B!!!!!!" the singer wrote to her 8.3million followers alongside an eye emoji.

It comes days after Jesy got a new look ahead of her pop comeback, ditching her platinum blonde locks for darker brunette tresses.

The popstar showed off her glamourous locks in her latest Instagram Story, which had been styled into maermaid waves trailing down to her waist.

The Sun reported that Jesy's solo debut was in jeopardy after Nicki Minaj pulled out of MTV VMAs where they’d planned to perform in New York.

Her collaborator on the song, Nicki Minaj, pulled out of the star-studdeed show, meaning neither could perform at the ceremony.

A source said: “Jesy and Nicki were in talks to perform Boyz at the VMAs and Jesy even headed out to the US especially.

“However, Nicki has now dropped out, meaning that idea is now in the bin and Jesy’s big reveal has been pushed back even further.

“The single is still having the final touches put on it and is still hopefully on course to be out later this month.

“But given the delays so far, no one wants to put an exact date on it just in case. Jesy is raring to go and these things are out of her control.

“It’s incredibly frustrating as she wants Boyz to be released with a bang. And at the moment it all seems to be losing a bit of traction.”


Jesy also lashed out at her former bandmates as she dubbed Little Mix a "machine" which made her "unhappy" for ten years.

She has claimed she spent the majority of their time together feeling miserable, getting no time off and having “disagreements”.

She said: “I had times and moments when I really loved it, but it felt like there were way more times that I was sad than I was happy.

“I don’t think people realise how hard it is to be in a girl band. There’s a lot that comes with it that people don’t know about. And obviously I don’t get to make my own decisions. Three people have to agree as well, so there would always be disagreements on certain things.”

Jesy, who quit the band in December and is set to launch a solo career with Boyz, added: “I feel a lot of people think that it’s selfish I’ve left the group.

“I really didn’t want to upset people and I didn’t want people to think that about me, but I don’t care any more.

“It was ten years of my life that I was very unhappy with and I needed to take myself out of that and genuinely do what’s going to make me happy. 

“Some people may not understand that, but you live once and you have to do what makes you happy.

“Being in Little Mix is literally like a machine. You don’t have any time off. You can’t switch off.

“Even when you go home, your phone is constantly going off about work and your life is planned out.”

She is believed to have not spoken to the trio since walking out, but in a U-turn in the same interview she praised her bandmates and said they were like her “sisters”.

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson berates the band again and calls it a ‘machine’ which made her ‘unhappy’ for 10 years

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