Soulful songstress, Jess Glynne, will be making Carlisle the last stop on her Party in the Park tour tomorrow in what is expected to be an exciting night.

The singer will be blasting out her hits, including her number one, ‘I’ll be there’, to the crowds gathered in Bitts Park.

Jess had been forced to cancel her August, 4, show after problems with her voice and reschedule.

After days of damp weather, the ground is very wet, meaning the production team are having to take extra steps to make sure they get the stage set up on time.

With their wellies on, the team have put temporary roads in just to get the 'rigg' in place.

Jacques Batchelor, production manager, said: "It has been a lot of work getting the site set up. We have had to put temporary roads in which has delayed us a little, but it is going really well.

"We will be ready tonight for Jess and her band arriving and to help them get set up."

Liz Doogan-Hobbs, chief executive of LHG Live, promoters of the Jess Glynne concert at Bitts Park, said: "We are thrilled that, two years since her last visit to Carlisle, Jess has chosen to come back to Bitts Park as the final date on her summer tour.

"We are all looking forward to celebrating with her as she brings hit after hit to the fans in Carlisle.

"With a platinum album and three Top 10 hits since she was last in Carlisle, we know we can expect an unforgettable Party in the Park.

"We’d also like to thank everyone for their patience while we planned for this new show date, and I’m sure everyone is delighted to have Jess back in good health and excited to be performing in Carlisle."

What you need to know before you head to the park:

Dos and Don'ts

Gates open at 3pm and acts including John Newman, Germein and Ryan Arnold are expected on the stage just after 4pm.

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