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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff slammed for claiming fans should ‘stop complaining’ about childcare and toilet paper 

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have come under fire for encouraging fans to “stop complaining” about child care and toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic on their podcast.

On this week’s episode of Behind The Scenes, Jeremy, 29, and Audrey, 28, gave listeners advice on how to remain positive and turn to God during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the couple received backlash when they told listeners to “stop complaining.”

Jeremy said: “There are some people right now that are complaining… Someone out there is complaining that they can’t buy the softest, most luxurious expensive toilet paper that they normally buy. OK, buster, you might need perspective.

“People are complaining about things they really should not be complaining about. It’s okay to process how you’re hurt, but also make sure you have healthy perspective.”

Later on in the episode, Audrey explained how people complaining about their kids being home from school “strikes a nerve” with her.

She continued: “How cool that you get to spend more time with your kid. My kids aren’t in school yet, who am I to say that, but I would argue that I would much rather have a full, chaotic house full of laughter and tantrums and life than be alone right now through this. I would much rather that."

Jeremy added that they teach their daughter Ember, 2, that “Roloffs don’t complain.”

He continued: “Yes this is hard and difficult, but everyone is going through the same exact thing. Why complain? Check your heart a little bit.”

But listeners didn’t agree, as one fired: “So Jeremy and Audrey are now authorities on when and how someone gets to complain?

“They have no complaints about the quarantine because this is their everyday life. They ‘work’ from home, bum around the farm and play with their daughters dollies all day long.”

A second wrote: “Listen, I’m not complaining that my son is home all day. My son isn’t the problem. But if you’re a working parent, having your child at home while you’re dealing with this stuff is hard.

“She doesn’t have a clue because her kids aren’t in school. You have no idea how difficult it is to work with a 5th grader when you’re waiting for his science teacher to respond.”

A third fan slammed: “It’s easy for them to say they don’t complain about having a house full of kids right now when they have a massive private child wonderland [the farm] to take their toddler to during quarantine so they don’t have to deal with indoor entertainment.

"Tons of people don’t have the luxury of even a small backyard, or a house for that matter.”

A fourth said: “Also, their kids aren’t school age. I think it’s very wrong for them to be so judgmental.”

Another fan called the couple “out of touch.”

Jeremy and Audrey, who are also parents to son Bode, three months, left Little People, Big World, which follows the lives of Jeremy’s parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, in 2018.

They have been focusing on their podcast and blog since leaving the TLC series.

On the show still is Jeremy’s brother Zach, who is a little person and married to wife Tori.

In a preview for this week’s episode, they learn their daughter, Lilah, is a little person like Zach.

Their son Jackson also has dwarfism.

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