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Jen Psaki delivers ‘epic response’ to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy

White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s answer to a Fox News journalist’s question that involved a quip at the expense of President Donald Trump’s former administration was met with acclaim online.

At the daily press briefing, reporter Peter Doocy asked a series of queries about the sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor of New York. Ms Psaki answered nearly every single question with assurance that President Joe Biden would respond to the scandal in a televised address later in the day.

“Does the administration want the Justice Department to initiate a civil rights investigation into these harassment allegations revealed today,” Mr Doocy asked Ms Psaki.

In response, Ms Psaki said, “We do something new here that feels foreign from the last four years and allow the Justice Department to act independently on investigations.”

This line of questioning from Mr Doocy comes after the investigation by New York state Attorney General, Letitia James, produced a 156-page report that found Mr Cuomo “created a hostile work environment for women” through inappropriate behaviour, such as unwanted touching and comments.

Ms Psaki’s answer to Mr Doocy was lauded on social media as people shared the clip on Twitter. Ms Psaki has become notable for her interactions with Mr Doocy while at briefings.

One person said, “I’m surprised he’s never had to be revived after getting Psakied day after day.”

“ok, that was an epic response @PressSec,” wrote Thomas Lance.

Sam Peck joked, “Wanna see a dead body?”

Carol Barry called it, “More Psaki perfection!”

Another person said, “I’m not always a fan of Psaki, but this is f****** hilarious, top notch ownage by her here.”

Lucas House tweeted, “She’s so awesome.”

One person wrote, “I f****** love you Jen Psaki.”

Leslie Salter asked, “Why does he bother?”

“This was just a solid slap to the face. Awesome!,” wrote Paige Cuccaro.

“She is the queen of retorts,” another person said.

In the later press conference, Mr Biden stood by his assertion that Mr Cuomo should resign if the allegations against him were found to be credible.

Other institutions, such as The New York Times editorial board have called on Mr Cuomo to resign.

During a press conference on 3 August, Mr Cuomo said that he had no intentions to resign from his position and is now expected to face impeachment process.

He refuted the investigations’ findings, saying he had “never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances”.

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