The Labour Party has apologised to a South Tyneside MP threatened with an investigation over a supposed breach of party rules.

Jarrow representative Kate Osborne said she received a letter from the party on Friday morning containing "serious allegations of a breach of the party rules".

But the same day, the threat was withdrawn, leaving the MP saying she had been "put through a very worrying ordeal for no valid reason whatsoever".

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In a statement, the MP said: "I was shocked and unnerved by getting such a letter and was puzzled at what the Party was saying about me. I thought my job as an MP was on the line and that I faced public shaming in front of my constituents, as some will always say 'there's no smoke without fire'.

"Well there is. The charges were completely baseless, The evidence relied on made no sense. There never was anything that was a breach of the rules."

Ms Osborne said she was banned from talking about the letter with anyone but listening charity The Samaritans, but she responded with a letter from a solicitor rejecting the allegations. 'Shortly after', she said, a further letter from the party withdrew the allegation and apologised.

Despite the apology, the MP said the letter suggested "an apparent mission to threaten members with expulsion from their own party", and said there was "little if any consideration" of the "awful" impact of receiving such a letter.

She added: "It is time for a serious re-think by those running the Governance and Legal Unit about what they are doing to members. I have decided to speak out because if they come after elected MPs with baseless claims they will come after others.

"We need a serious close look at ourselves and what it happening to our Party."

A Labour spokesperson said: "This should not have happened. We have rescinded the notice and apologised to Kate."

It's understood that the party is now investigating how the error occured.

Last week, the party also apologised for briefly placing the chair of its youth wing, Jess Barnard, under investigation for “hostile or prejudiced” behaviour.

Officials told The Guardian that the notice was issued accidentally while the party was trying to clear a mass of complaints.

It's understood the letter sent to Ms Osborne also came as the party attempted to clear a backlog of complaints.

In light of the error, the party now says it will pause further notices of investigation relating to backlog cases while an investigation takes place.

Labour disciplinary process has been the subject of much debate ever since Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, during which the party’s handling of antisemitism complaints led to a critical report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

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