Jake Paul has claimed Floyd Mayweather has sent his entourage to "hurt or kill" him after their brawl in Miami.

Paul sparked the ugly confrontation by snatching Mayweather's hat while they rowed about fighting each other.

Mayweather then appeared to wrestle the YouTube star to the ground before his bodyguards intervened.

Paul was left with a black eye and made his escape from the Hard Rock Stadium where his brother Logan was promoting his exhibition bout with Mayweather.

The younger Paul brother later tweeted: "Word on the street already is that Floyd is sending goons after me to try and kill me or hurt me. If I die....... I died for the hat."

Floyd Mayweather is led away after the brawl
Floyd Mayweather is led away after the brawl

Logan and Mayweather had earlier faced off on the field ahead of their fight next month.

Regulation insults were traded before the rivals conducted their media interviews. Mayweather was then being led to the bowels of the stadium when Jake approached.

The YouTube star, who has fought three times as a 'professional' began talking to Mayweather about a potential fight.

The former pound-for-pound No.1 agreed, having earlier said he would fight both brothers on the same night.

Jake then quipped that he would call Mayweather's manager Al Haymon before the retired fighter retorted, "I'm my own man."

It was at that moment that Jake grabbed Mayweather's cap and the melee began.

Jake later tweeted: "Honestly, I have had three easy fights as a pro so been itching for some real action. One of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye."

The Paul brothers have caused controversy in the combat sports world since Logan fought social media rival KSI in a white-collar bout in 2018.

They were then granted professional licences the following year with KSI winning the rematch in Los Angeles.

Logan has not fought since but his brother has knocked out fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, former NBA star Nate Robinson and former UFC wrestler Ben Askren.

Jake has since set his sights on a string of fighters for his next bout including Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson.

Fury is currently in Dallas to watch Billy Joe Saunders take on Canelo Alvarez this weekend but has vowed to visit Miami next week to confront Jake.

UFC stars Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor are also on the millionaire's shortlist along with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.