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Jackass 4 ‘officially set for release in 2021’ more than 20 years after show first aired

JOHNNY Knoxville is reportedly set to return for a fourth Jackass movie.

Jackass 4 - which is based on the MTV prank series - is set for release more than 20 years after the show first aired, EW reported on Thursday.

The movie would be the first Jackass movie since the death of cast member Ryan Dunn.

It is reportedly slated for released on March 5 2021, by Paramount Pictures.

The Sun has contacted Paramount Pictures for conformation.

Jackass: The Movie premiered in 2002, followed by Jackass Number Two in 2006 and Jackass 3D in 2010.

In 2018, Knoxville told EW that another movie was “possible.”

“It’s not like we’re saying no,” he said. “If we did do a new one, we’d have to bring in some new younger guys - just to bring some fresh blood into it.

"But it’s possible… I still write ideas down, just in case I get that twitch again,” he told them.

“We’re sitting on a ton of new ideas.

"There was so many that we didn’t get to shoot for Jackass 3.

"We have more ideas than we could shoot for Jackass 4, I’ll tell you that," he added.

However, Steve O had previously cast doubt on whether a fourth movie would be made, earlier this year.

He told rock music website Loudwire that Jackass 4 was ultimately up to Knoxville, as well as director Jeff Tremaine, and co-creator Spike Jonze.

“Knoxville, for some reason, just wasn’t up for it and then there’s the health of certain people which I think is a concern, as well,” he told them.

“And, of course, there’s our age. Maybe that ship has sailed.

"But I can’t say with certainty that I feel that way anymore.”

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