ISIS militants ran rampant on paradise islands favoured by movie stars.

Last week the Islamic State linked insurgents burned down hotels and imposed Sharia Law on Vamizi and Mecungo in the Indian Ocean.

Residents have been ordered off the islands, which are off the coast of Mozambique.

It is believed that no one was killed in the raids.

Celebrity guests on the white sanded paradise islands have included Daniel Craig, Bono and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even Nelson Mandela visited the stunning islands.

Witnesses said ISIS-linked militants had expelled people on the islands

“They arrived at night in small fishing boats," a witness told AFP of the raiders.

"They removed people from the houses and then torched them."

“They didn’t hurt anyone, they just gave orders to leave the islands."

An employee of Siyabona Africa, a Cape Town-based tour operator that offers holidays to the islands, said all the lodges had been closed because of Covid-19 restrictions.

New images show the scale of the destruction in Vamizi
Buildings and vehicles were burned by extremists

That means no guests were present when the attacks took place.

Reports from the remote archipelago are patchy, meaning it is unclear what the current situation is.

Another witness told the media company that the insurgents had held a meeting with residents in which they were told to leave.

A month ago Islamic State-linked insurgents occupied Mocimboa da Praia, a strategic port town used for cargo deliveries for the development of a multibillion-dollar offshore gas exploration project.