Picture a small motel in a former mining town in the Nevada desert, filled to the brim with creepy clown dolls, figurines and paintings. Oh, and it's also located right by a cemetery.

Nope, this isn't the start of a new horror film for Halloween - but it is very much a real place where you can stay the night, and a serious contender for the world's creepiest places.

The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada, has become notorious for its extensive clown collection, with visitors from all over the world coming to spend the night and experience a stay for themselves.

From the moment you arrive you're greeted by huge clown signs, while upon entering reception you'll be greeted by hundreds of clown dolls and figurines to watch over you as you check-in.

Every single nook and cranny of the motel is filled with clown models, toys, porcelain statues and figurines, not to mention the countless clown-themed paintings and portraits that adorn the walls.

No wonder it's previously been dubbed 'America's scariest motel'.

For extra creepy factor, there's even a huge life-size clown figurine that sits in the corner, surveying the scene. You'd be forgiven for turning on your heels and legging it out of there!

Still, for those who are undeterred, the good news is that you won't be sleeping amidst all of the clown figurines. The motel offers 28 rooms, which aren't full of clown models, although there are clown signs on the doors.

There are over 2,000 clown figures and dolls in the motel lobby (


Raise The Stakes Projects/Jam Press)

However, you can expect some clown-themed artwork on the walls, including some nods to iconic horror films such as The Exorcist and IT, with one room featuring a wall painting of Pennywise the clown. Not entirely sure we'd have a great night's sleep.

Unsurprisingly, some guests have been creeped out by the clown paintings, and as a result the motel offers visitors the option to cover artwork with a cloth if they're feeling too unsettled to sleep.

Meanwhile, the Clown Motel's location only serves to add to the eeriness.

Every nook and cranny is filled with the clowns (


Raise The Stakes Projects/Jam Press)

After all, you're in the middle of the desert and isolated from nearby civilisation, which any horror film fan will know doesn't exactly put the odds in your favour.

The Toponah Cemetery sits opposite the motel, is home to over 300 graves and is also rumoured to be the location for lost treasure.

Several of those buried at the cemetery died from a mysterious plague in 1902 - and it's also the burial site of 14 miners who perished in a fire in 1911. (Seriously, how has this location not featured in a horror film yet?!).

The Tonopah Cemetery sits opposite the motel (


Raise The Stakes Projects/Jam Press)

Of course with its quirky offering, it's no surprise that the Clown Motel continues to draw in visitors including truck drivers, bikers, road rippers and those who are in search of a spooky overnight stay.

For those who want to embrace the eeriness in all its glory, you can buy plenty of merchandise from the motel's gift shop, and even pick up your own clown accessories including a red nose.

The idea for the motel first started in the 1980s when Leona and Leroy David built the property in memory of their father, who is buried in the Tonopah Cemetery. He was a clown lover who left a collection of 150 clowns in his home, which they decided to use as a theme.

The rooms themselves are clown-free save for some artwork (


Raise The Stakes Projects/Jam Press)

Nowadays, the hotel boasts over 2,000 clown figurines and models - and visitors can also opt to donate clowns.

The motel itself is proving a hit with a number of guests on Tripadvisor leaving positive reviews after spending (or surviving) the night.

"The Clown Motel does not disappoint", said one guest. "It gives an experience of a spooky, fun and pretty much nice place to stay. The two men who own the Clown Motel are very nice. The rooms are quite fun. They give you two beds, a TV, a microwave, a fridge, one table and two chairs.

The gift shop has a wide range of clown items on offer for guests (


Raise The Stakes Projects/Jam Press)

"Our suite had lots of paintings of horror movie icons and clowns, some done by one of the owners, Hame. Also, two of the rooms are haunted (the 'Exorcist' and the 'It' suites), which we did not stay in. There are over 2000 clowns in the lobby, which gives a unique photo opportunity. Overall, it was a one-of-a-kind, enjoyable experience! (Reviewed by our 10-year-old who is a horror film buff)."

Want to check it our for yourself? You can find out more on theclownmotelusa.com.

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