Rangers legend Brian Laudrup would have preferred to meet Steven Gerrard after a resounding home win.

But he was still able to comfort the Ibrox boss with a reminder that the champions remain in the position they finished last season's unbeaten campaign — on top.

The Great Dane wowed Ibrox in the 90s and he was back to witness Saturday's huge league clash against Hearts.

John Lundstram's howitzer had the home side in front but former Rangers kid Craig Halkett ripped up the script with a 90th minute header to take a point back to Edinburgh.

Gerrard, understandably, was none too pleased but Laudrup has revealed he was able to cheer the manager up by reminding him his side are still in the title race driving seat after nine games.

Writing in his Daily Mail column, Laudrup said: "The years always roll away when I return to Ibrox. Being there on Saturday, for the first time since the pandemic started, was a welcome reminder of just what a special place it is.

"I actually thought the 1-1 draw with Hearts was a good advert for Scottish football, but, clearly, it came with disappointment from a Rangers perspective about not seeing out what would have been a very important win.

"Steven Gerrard reflected some of that when I met him after the match. I had the opportunity to go downstairs and speak to him for the first time, which I really appreciated.

"He was great, if, obviously, a little frustrated at losing two points. I reminded him they were still top of the league and he smiled a little. But he also made it clear that Thursday night against Brondby — the club where I started my career — was going to be a massive game for his side.

Steven Gerrard
Gerrard's side still top the Premiership despite the draw

"It was just a brief bit of small talk. That’s all. I’d hope to maybe speak to him again if I get a chance to go back to Ibrox later this season. Because I hope and believe that Gerrard will still be in charge."

Gerrard is reportedly on a three-man list of leading Newcastle candidates at as the new Saudi-led ownership coalition run the rule over existing boss Steve Bruce

But Laudrup insists he shouldn't take any "stepping stone" vacancy that develops in the newly-minted northeast.

He added: "The first managerial appointment under this extremely rich Newcastle regime is going to be a stepping stone.

"No matter who comes in, it will be a case of staying up this season and raising the squad to another level over two or three years. Then the next manager who comes in after that will reap the benefit and have to deliver some titles.

"Everyone knows Gerrard’s dream of going back to Liverpool as manager one day in his career. Would the Newcastle of 2021, who have relegation worries, be the right step on that road? Only he knows, of course, but I’m not sure it would be."