Dashcam footage shows the moment a cyclist flies into the air after crashing into a car.

The dashcam video shown above was shared on the Driving in Hull - Hull Road Share Facebook page after being sent in by a driver.

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The footage was filmed in Holderness Road, east Hull, and shows the cyclist hitting a braking car. The post said: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane?"

Commenting on the clip, one said: "And he cut the car off that was recording too. The dashcam car could have easily clipped and injured the cyclists too.

"The car owner that he hit was probably shook up!"

Another said: "Totally not concentrating. But having said that these bus lanes don't help. Plus there was nowhere for him to go once he'd cut up the car with the camera."

A third was not holding back either: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a muppet in lycra."

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"Perfectly usable cycle lane and he decides to veer across cutting up the video car, uses up all his epic skills and projects himself into a car.

"About time these cyclists had to have insurance and a level of competency, assume this chap has neither."

But not everyone agreed: "He reacted to the car that began to turn left. He has two options try to go around the car or potentially hit it side on."

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